Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad Specifications

Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad specifications and price

Lenovo is a well-known name for its innovative styles and technology up gradation. Here is another example of Lenovo’s latest and matchless designs; Lenovo has just unveiled its concept laptop that will make you crazy. Lenovo just launched a Bendable Concept Laptop coupled with a Flexible Screen. The tech giant revealed it who exposed the new concept of malleable ThinkPad laptop. The Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad consists of a screen that has an ability to be operated with keyboard. To close the laptop, you have to fold the screen. Latest Lenovo bendable concept ThinkPad is weightless as well as extra thin.

Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad

The company has just put out of the scene the old trackpad, as Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad carries an incredible design. Lenovo does this because it wants to join with the latest bendable touch screen. The new Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad consist of a Lenovo’s signature & ThinkPad pointing stick. It has an ability to be controlled using voice command. The laptop manufacturer doesn’t reveal the technology behindhand of this innovative piece. On the other hand, the single screen technology up to now that can bend and still work is OLED technology.

Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad specifications and price

Lenovo declared that the latest project achieved through the advanced material. The most recent screen technologies are also the part of this Lenovo Bendable Concept ThinkPad. It is the latest concept by Lenovo which stands ‘always connected, always on’. It also has a function to work with artificial intelligence to provide the info to the users.

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