Lemon Beauty Tips In English

lemon beauty tips

Lemon is the best home remedy used to lighten the skin tone as well as remove all dead skin cells. It is the refreshing home remedy by its work, it makes refreshing your skin and glowing as well. To get a clean and clear skin (that is the wish of every person) and to have a skin tone which inspires others it helps. By using it, you can get a clear, glowing, bright, and smooth skin as well.

Beauty Tips For Face And Body Using Lemon

1. Lighten Acne:

Take lemon juice and a cotton ball, soak it in the fresh juice. After that rub the soaked cotton ball on your face completely. If you repeat this process daily, it will lighten the acne scars from your face.

lemon beauty tips

2. Remove Black Heads:

Blackheads are the major problem which is not easy to remove. Take a lemon and divide it into two pieces rub this on all your face carefully then wait for five minutes. It has antibacterial properties which make it a perfect home remedy.

lemon beauty tips

3. Elbow and Knee:

Elbow and knees are the parts of our body which needs much care because they have a dark skin tone from the whole skin comparatively. You have to rub the lemon on the darken parts and wait for some minutes then wash it out. It will work like magic.

4. Moisturiser:

Take some drops of lemon juice and coconut water as well. Mix them and use them on your skin it will work like a moisturiser.

5. Shiner:

It can also be used as a glowing skin remedy because it gives a glow to the skin.

6. Skin Exfoliator:

Apply lemon juice on your lips before bedtime then rinses off in the morning. It will help to remove dead skin cells from lips and makes them smooth.

7. Nails Solution:

Dip your nails in the lemon juice for 10 minutes then wash it out. This process will help you to grow nail as well as remove any discoloration.

lemon beauty tips

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