Latest Fingerprint Sensor Works under Water & Glass By Qualcomm

Latest Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors

Qualcomm the well-known name to build up to power up the smartphones via chips. However, it is also on the way that company is making fingerprint sensors for the mobiles. At the present, Qualcomm has just announced its unique form of the Fingerprint sensor. The latest Qualcomm Fingerprint sensors are being used the ultrasonic technology. The most compelling point and benefit for the latest Qualcomm Fingerprint sensors are that it works under the display, glass and underwater.

Latest Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors

The sensors have an ability to be fitted with the glass, metal or under displays. It also has an ability to scan over and done with OLED displays appropriate for 1200 um. The sensors are scheduled to be open up for the use in the first half of the next year, 2018. Latest Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors have upgraded features inside it as it has an ability to detect a heartbeat. It can also detect the blood flow whether the screen is switch on or off.

Latest Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors

Qualcomm has also opened up the Snapdragon 450 for the budget phones as well as entry level phones. The new-fangled chipset will in the offing to switch its forerunner Snapdragon 435. The Qualcomm highlighted in place of most significant enhancements in 450 above the earlier generations.

What’s more, with the Latest Qualcomm Fingerprint Sensors, the company has also brought together a latest Smart Audio Platform by QUALCOMM. The unique smart audio platform will help manufacturers to speed up the improvement as well as commercialization of the intelligent and networked speakers. The company also proposes a couple of SoC selections. However, the choices are constructed on Qualcomm’s APQ8009 and APQ8017. The function comes with a variety of software configurations intended for the OEMs. In the final analysis, the Qualcomm is working for the best and improved for the people on the way to technology.

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