World’s Most Expensive Watch For Ladies

Ladies Expensive Watch

Watch is a little clock, to be developed by man to be carried or worn on the wrist. It is intended to continue to work, in spite of the movements caused by human activities. The watch is designed to be worn on the wrist and fixed with a leather strip or another type of bracelet. Similarly to carry the watch in bag or pocket, they designed a pocket watch. Watch is a useful device in daily life to wear on wrist, to get the informed about time. Watches are equally famous for both men and women for the ease of time as well as for fashion. But the use of wrist watches is more famous among young girls and females. Here we will discuss the ladies expensive watch for ladies in 2016.

Ladies Expensive Watch

It is seen that there is always an atmosphere of competition between women to wear beautiful and expensive wristwatches. So they give it equally importance as they give importance to their jewelry and makeup. They usually try to match their wristwatches with their dresses which finally provide them with an impressive and complete look. Like other items of fashion and jewelry watches also have much variety, so it is always a tough task for women to choose a unique watch-piece. You can see the most expensive watch in the world for ladies.

Richard Mille Caliber RM 019 Celtic Knot Tourbillon Watch

Ladies Expensive Watch 2016

RM 019 Tourbillon is one and only one wrist-watch, it is most beautiful but too much expensive. Caliber RM 019 assembled with a brilliant mind, to make it attractive and luxurious the designers use red and white gold. It is a piece of designed art in which there are some wheels with the touch of white gold, and on the top, there are two hands. Celtic knot and case of this watch have gem-set.


There is also a security system which alerts sudden over winding of watch. Its baseplate made of Black Onyx. Black Onyx considered a stone of safety; dimensions are mentioned as 45mm (multiply) 38.30mm wide and 12.25mm thickness.  Its price is $465.000 which is not affordable for everyone.

This most-loved and well-known watch was made by Richard Mille Caliber on demand, to make perfect women watch. In result, they create this masterpiece, which has an impressive look, beautiful style, precious gemstones and beautiful gold. Its systems are also unique.

Celtic Knot Tourbillon has a distinctive look which inspires the heart of everyone, due to which they wish to purchase it immediately. The watch lovers always admire this masterpiece with its magnificence.

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