Kumar Sanu Interview 2016

Kumar Sanu Interview

Kumar Sanu is a most well-known Indian Playback singer and his real name is ‘Kedarnath Bhattacharya.’ Kalyanji gives him name ‘Kumar Sanu’ for the media industry. You can read the exclusive Kumar Sanu Interview in the given lines which are taken by Mirch Masala team. Due to his incredible performance, he was awarded “Best Film fare Male Playback singer award” for consecutive five years. He got “Padma Shri” award from the government of India in 2009 because of his remarkable achievements in the Department of playback singing. He also holds a fantastic record of recording 28 songs in a single day due to which he honored with “Guinness Book world record.”

Kumar Sanu Interview

Mirch Masala TV’s team join him in a lunch to take an interesting interview about his singing career and life. Here we are going to share the discussion of Kumar Sanu with our team.

Kumar Sanu Interview with Mirch Masala Tv

(Note: – MMT: Mirch Masala TV Team, K.S: Kumar Sanu)

MMT: What was your first movie of your singing career?

K.S: My first movie was “Jadugar.”

MMT: Language in which you enjoy singing?

K.S: Here he give a satisfying answer, his words were; I learn Urdu lughat from a molvie Sahib in a proper way so that I can enjoy Singing in Hindi. The most difficult song of my life was “Aankhon me Kya” from movie Khamoshi.

MMT: From whom did you get inspiration first?

K.S: I got my first inspiration from my Daddy and later from “Keeshwar Da.” To get inspiration from someone is not an odd thing you can find this element in every Superstar as Lata jee was Inspire from the beautiful voice of Noor Jahan.

MMT: With whom singers, you sang?

K.S: I sang with Alka Yaknig, Anoradha pudhowal and many other singers like them.

MMT: You are the speedy singer as your name is in Guinness Book of World Record…

K.S: Yes. My record of 28 songs in a single day recorded in Guinness book of world record. God give me the quality to sing a song in 30 minutes just.

Kumar Sanu Interview

MMT: In how much languages you have sung?

K.S: I have sung in 22 different languages in my whole career.

MMT: Have you any private album?

K.S: Yes, my upcoming private album is “K-Tere Bin.”

MMT: What’s your opinion about Pakistani singers and people of Pakistan?

K.S: Pakistani Singers are very much professional in their field. I got much love from Pakistan whenever I visit Pakistan. I have also celebrated my birthday in Pakistan with Pakistani artists and fans. In-spite of all this, all the confusion between these countries is the blessings of Politicians of both countries.

MMT: Which one you like most in present singers?

S.K: I like K-K, Shan, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan and Sonu Nigam in the category of new singers.

Any singer can show his talent in a better way due to variety in music. Nowadays most of the singers are copying the songs; they don’t have new visions and ideas. We’d judge a singer’s skill when he or she sings a new song, rather be copied or remix, etc. For the purpose of hunting new talent, I have launch my music studio in Mumbai.

MMT: Thank you, sir, for giving us your precious time.

S.K: You are most welcome, stay blessed you all.

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