Kim Kardashian Loose $9.5 Million Euros Jewellery In a Robbery

kim kardashian

Kim Kardashian’s statement, through a newspaper, to police that a robber threatened her at gunpoint. She was threatened when she declined their demand to give them her ring worth millions of dollars. In the Paris robbery, she explained how she was bound. She said one of the gang was carrying a jacket embellished with the police badge. Du Dimanche a journal stated that it had exclusive access to the written report based on Kardashian’s statement. The statement in which she indicated that the robbers looked “inexperienced”.

Kim Kardashian’s Testimony To Police

The newspaper also said it had a record of a brief interview given to police after the masked men penetrated into Kardashian’s luxury apartment in October, stealing jewellery worth euros $9.5 million. Police last week arrests in Paris, and the south of France and ten suspects have charged, including the alleged ringleaders. ‘Old Omar and Blue Eyes’. Analysts report the gang’s key members were Aomar Ait Khedache and Didier Dubreucq, men in their 60s with long criminal histories nicknamed “Old Omar” and “Blue Eyes”. In the Journal du Dimanche report, for which the newspaper did not give English quotes. Kardashian, said she listen to noises at the door after returning from dinner after midnight. That time her bodyguard was not there because he was guarding her sister Kourtney at the nightclub.

kim kardashian

“I saw them through the sliding door, they were two,” Kardashian said, translated from the newspaper’s French account. Further, she elaborates that one of them was wearing “a jacket ‘police’ written on it”. “He asked me ‘where is your ring’ with a strong French dialect. It was on the side table. However I replied them that I didn’t know then he pulled out the gun, and I granted him the ring,” She informed the police. Kardashian told police the men bound her up with plastic cables and sticking tape.” And they brought me to my bathroom” where they settled her in the bathtub.

Stolen Things of Kim Kardashian

However the gang stole a box including jewellery containing a yellow gold Rolex watch. Also, they took things like diamond-studded necklace, two Cartier diamond bracelets, and a diamond-encrusted cross. The wife of Kanye West told after the gang had put her in the bathroom that she heard the men speaking to each other in French. They had the impact they were assuming they should leave. Once they had left, Kardashian managed to free herself. She told police she could say the men were “kind of inexperienced in the way they tied me up”.

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