Pakistani Community In UAE Observes Kashmir Black Day

Kashmir Black Day

An event was organized by the Embassy of Pakistan, in Abu Dhabi to detect “ Kashmir Black Day.” A large number of Pakistani-Kashmiri public in the United Arab Emirates gather together in the places of the Embassy of Pakistan, Abu Dhabi; in order to precise their harmony in conjunction with their Kashmiri comrades and convict the human rights harms being performed by India.


Speaking on the occurrence, H.E. Ambassador Moazzam A. Khan stated that Kashmir Black Day was perceived to repeat the nation; as well as to repeat again in front of the world about the prohibited occupation of Kashmir and highlight the dilemma of the Kashmiris within Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK). Furthermore, he stated that, on that day, the people of Pakistan improved their resolution to carry on their provision for the Kashmiri brothers and sisters; until their legitimate aspirations for the realization of the right to self-determination is achieved in accordance with the UN recommendations and their desires. Ambassador recorded those continuous incidents of human rights devastations, desecration of human lives, rapes and the children of their eye-sights were against the basic principles of human dignity. He said no state could be allowed to trample the established principles of humanity at the altar of its vested political interests.


H.E. Ambassador Moazzam A. Khan declared that the Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) could never be regarded as an inner matter of India; since the United Nations had previously indicated the IOK as a contradicted region. Furthermore, he told that Pakistan has continuously forcefully put in front of the world; the Kashmir issue on all of the international forums taking in the UN platform. Moreover, this year, the Prime Minister highlighted the steadfast human rights degradations in Indian-occupied Kashmir (IoK) on the UN platform; using in terms the role of India in the region the “most powerful model of foreign affair.” Pakistan has also asked for an “international inquiry into India’s violations that are going on continuously into Kashmir.” He stated that the Government of Pakistan would resume its ethical, political and diplomatic assistance to the legitimate fight of the Kashmiri people concerning their freedom of self-determination.

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The audience has also displayed a documentary on the Kashmir Black Day. A photography presentation was also designed for the public. The event ended with special prayers concerning the Kashmiri martyrs and success of the effort. The different public meeting was held on the Consulate General Dubai premises. In like manner, the event was accompanied by deputies of the Pakistani-Kashmiri society in UAE.

While giving an address to the gathering, the Consul General of Pakistan H.E. Syed Javed Hassan tracked the history of the Kashmir issue and recommended the international community; to appreciate and admire the peaceful effort of Kashmiris, and move India to address the longstanding matter of Kashmir by negotiations. He also invited in the international humanitarian organizations to examine and uncover the human rights degradations in the occupied region.

First speakers of the Pakistani-Kashmiri community in UAE highlighted; the difficulty of Kashmiris who were enslaved to draconian laws in the occupied region; ending in noticeable human rights degradations. The speakers also overwhelmed on the international community; to take note of these flagrant human rights violations in the occupied territory; and exert influence on India for peaceful resolution of the Kashmir conflict; with regard to the heads of UN Security Council resolutions. A short documentary on human rights violations being performed by the Indian occupation forces; in Jammu and Kashmir was also screened at the event. The event comes to an end with special prayers for the Kashmiri martyrs and success of the struggle.

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