Biography of Mrs Kareena Gehi – Mrs India Dubai

Biography of Mrs Kareena Gehi - Mrs India Dubai

Mrs Kareena Gehi was born in Mumbai, India. She studied at kindergarten at Dubai, UAE. For higher education, she goes to Mumbai. She is happily married with kids. By profession, she is a banker and she is living with a joint family system, and she has a massive support by her in-laws. She uses to credit them to achieve her dream of Mrs India Dubai. Her brother is living in Dubai with his family while her parents are living in Mumbai. She loves a challenging life and fights her best to attain any challenge in life. By nature, she is caring and kindhearted towards her family, friends and poor peoples. Kareena’s husband has a massive part in her success and achievement.

Biography of Mrs Kareena Gehi – 2017 Mrs India Dubai

While giving her views about his extra ordinary achievement of Mrs India Dubai, she expressed that she was learning at every step. Either it was dancing, makeup or walking on the ramp she takes all things as a challenge to compete other finalists. According to her, the interaction and meeting up with other participants of the contest is a great experiment for her. Further, she said that she satisfied with her achievement, and her family including her children has a significant role.

She showed that marriage does not go down the talent and potential of women. Her whole family was very supportive including her daughters, who are just eight and five years old. Kareena further stated that it was hard for her to balance her relations as a wife or mom to become a beauty queen. Kareena’s fantastic achievement with all other challenges set an example for other women. This beauty queen has a strong belief on Women Empowerment. The system, as well as society, must allow the woman to do anything which she wants to do in her life.

Biography of Mrs Kareena Gehi - Mrs India Dubai

Kareena Gehi Love Towards Poors

Another good habit of the beauty queen is that she loves to support the neglectable part of our society. As, she knows that there is too much poverty in the world, especially in countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. She has a strong belief that those societies will succeed in the world who use to take care of Orphans and old people. Furthermore, she expressed that most people of her country try to make more money. Whereas, people in other parts of the country only make efforts for only just one meal.

Biography of Mrs Kareena Gehi - Mrs India Dubai

In 2014 she was knocked Mrs India Dubai International which gave her the chance to represent Dubai in 2014 Mrs India International in Atlanta, USA. I Atlanta she fought with International Indian Married Women from other states and cities of the world. Kareena was fully motivated when she selected as the director of Mrs India Dubai International beauty pageant. And she feels happy to be part of Dubai International pageant.

Mrs Kareena Gehi Current Designations

After Dubai being a success story, she expanded shows in India in 2017. And now she has 5 to 11 shows in 2018 being director of all shows. She is also a vice president of Mrs India International and CEO India international bridal show.

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