Kangana Ranaut In A Legal Battle With Hrithik Roshan

Kangana Ranaut In A Legal Battle With Hrithik Roshan

Kangana Ranaut, the Bollywood star has taken up a legal battle with a mega star, Hrithik Roshan. She was sharing a part of her love story. She was talking about her letters when exposed how much vulnerable she feels and also telling that in this condition what a woman feels, she can’t explain, and no one experience those feelings.

Kangana Ranaut In A Legal Battle With Hrithik Roshan

According to words of Kangana Ranaut “I feel extremely susceptible when my letters were exposed. I am a famous person in the world as a go-getter, and I think the primary importance given to the worldly achievements. But being a woman, it’s the most favorite part of my personality that is how I am as a lover”. She added ‘It is just my ability to love even if my environment or my world does not respond me I will stay in love ’.

‘The young girl in the mountains is incredibly dreamy, stubborn, and imaginative.’ She added ‘The girl was just for 14 years and saw a picture of a man and fall in love with him. That picture catches her emotions and for the sake of the love she crosses the oceans, deserts, landscapes. Finally reached the place where the man is with her and said to her ‘I love you’. She told the story dramatically.

Kangana Ranaut In A Legal Battle With Hrithik Roshan

‘The next happening is sorrowful when the man scared her and called her a strange one. Then love story turns into a tragedy, and I can’t help this thing having a lot of fire in the belly.’ Then Kangana starts criticizing people who did not think about her as a woman.

“Nobody has seen my heart feeling like a woman, but everyone saw how I put up a strong front to fight. But what will be done with the brutality have done to me.” She was talking about that letter which uncovered by Hrithik Roshan within their legal battle. In the last she said that ‘This speech is especially a dedication for those love letters which destined to expose.

Kangana Ranaut Feels Petty For Her

“What would you feel being a human? In the letters which you wrote to your lover definitely, contains the vulnerability. That’s not the letters just but a part of your soul.” Since she was explaining her feelings after exposure of her love letters to Hrithik Roshan which were exposed. Hence she said that she feels extremely naked and she cried in nights and became a joke for everyone.

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