Kamal Hassan and Gautami Quits, After 13 Years

gautami and kamal hasan divorce

Kamal Hassan and Gautami were in a relationship from 13 years. Gautami reported that Kamal Hassan and her relation is no more. There was no bad news about their relationship in the past, but suddenly they announce for break up. Everyone was shocked after hearing this sad news because it was totally unexpected news from them.

Gautami and Kamal Hasan Divorce

Kamal Hassan is an Indian actor, director, playback singer, producer, screenwriter, choreographer, dancer, and lyricist. On the other hand, Gautami is an Indian Tamil film actress. She had a good relation with Kamal Hassan from last 13 years, but now she announced something horrible.” She writes, it is the tough decision to divert the ways, but it has done. Our priorities have been changed, and we have two choices one is to prevent our desires and second is to go ahead leaving one another. No clashes no quarrels come out before.

divorce between gautami and kamal hasan

Gautami married Kamal Hassan in 2005, and before this marriage, she divorced her first husband in 1999. She fights with many circumstances in her life; she caught once in cancer however she overcomes that disease with the help of her friends and Kamal Hassan. In fact, the reason of breakup is to protect her daughter, and she wants to give full attention to her:
According to Gautami, “It is the very terrible decision for women, but I am a mother first, and this is my first responsibility to take good care of my child. I have to make the decision which leads me to a peaceful life.”

She writes much more in her blog “Life and Decision” about her break up with Kamal Hassan.

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