Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Died During Fight

Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Died During Fight

A matador who was 36 years old has killed by a bull in France later tripping on his cape and moving pierced by a horn. Ivan Fandino Prize bullfighter, who was a professional fighter from last 12 years. He died in hospital after suffering from an injury during fight. ‘It’s heartbreak,’ believed a shocked colleague. ‘We do not know how it happens.’ Shocked audiences watched on as Fandino stumbled and was cut by the bull. Ivan Fandino was consuming his cape, in turn, to engage and entertain the specially-bred fight bull, including the animal then intruded the matador’s side with one of his horns.

Unfortunately, his heart stopped into the ambulance due to the serious wounds he got. Compliments are overflowing on the social network sites, with farmer Victorino Martin tweeting: ‘It’s very shocking. Our friend and great bullfighter Ivan Fandino pass away in France. An excessive hurt for the world of bullfighting. We’re disheartened.’

Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Died During Bullfight

Fandino originated from Orduna in Bizkaia. Since his childhood, he desires to be a bullfighter. However, it was not in his family traditions. He made his debut in bullfighting in 2005. He is the second bullfighter from Spain who has died in the ring. Ivan Fandino is invited to take part in the 18th celebration of the San Isidro Fair. Observing on Fandino’s death, the Humane Society International declared it was a ‘tragedy’.

Spanish Bullfighter Ivan Fandino Died During Fight

On the other hand, it added, ‘For the 1,000 bulls cruelly slaughtered in French bullfights every single year. Actually, every single fight is a disaster in which they have no chance of on the run an expanded and hurting death. ‘The Bloodsports like this one should be dispatched from the history books. It is unfair that one lose its life for entertainment, whether human or animal.’ The sport is a defended tradition in sections of southern France.

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