IPhone 7 Plus Red For the Great Cause in Exclusive

IPhone 7 Plus red

Apple every time gives a unique, innovative, extraordinary, peculiar, distinctive together with style & scheme, technology pieces. In the same fashion another example of their innovation, iPhone 7 released in September 2016. For the purpose of making its beneficial for sick, they showcased it an exclusive Red colour named with iPhone 7 Plus red. Most compelling evidence for the ‘red’ is to contribute to the Global Fund for AIDS-free generation.

Correspondingly the great design with exclusive finish yet for the first time in iPhone series. The iPhone 7 has a vibrant red aluminium finish on the back besides a white front. It survives as a symbol more than ten years of partnership between Apple and (RED). Apple Declared.

IPhone 7 Plus Red For Cause

This approach gives consumers a unique way to contribute to the Global Fund. In addition to bringing the world a step quicker to an AIDS-free generation. Apple has also brought together several red-themed products over the years. Taking from the original iPod Nano to Beats products to accessories for their series of iProducts. Notwithstanding, the very first time they have submitted their most valuable product, iPhone with the Exclusive “red” cure. Deborah Dugan (RED)’s CEO states.

Apple is the world’s biggest corporate contributor to the Global Fund. It is contributing more than $130 million as a part of its alliance with (RED). The iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus Special Edition of (PRODUCT) RED will be available in 128GB plus 256GB models. The prices start from $769 and $869 for the iPhone 7 plus iPhone 7 Plus respectively. They will be available for order online including stores. Beginning Friday, March 24.

IPhone 7 Plus red

The iPhone 7 introduced in September last year. It was available in four colours silver, gold, rose gold, and matte black. With the introduction of the new vibrant red aluminium finish, the iPhone 7 is now available in five colours including iphone 7 plus red.

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