Interview of John Abraham & Sonakshi Sinha – Force 2

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha upcoming project going to release on November 18th, 2016. This movie is a sequel of previous film Force, in which John Abraham was the hero. Abhinay Deo gives the direction of Force 2, and Ram Sampath gives its music. Sonakshi Sinha and John Abraham’s during their visit to Dubai they talk to our representative Mr. Suleman Jazib regarding the release of Force 2. The interview’s question and answers are written below.

John Abraham & Sonakshi Sinha Interview

MMT: (Mirch Masala TV)
JA: (John Abraham)
SS: (Sonakshi Sinha)

MMT: What would you say about Antagonist in Force 2?

JA: This film has a strong villain as well as he has a leading character. Tahir Bhasin is acting as an antagonist in it.

MMT: Why Tahir Bhasin selected as an antagonist in Force 2?

JA: Tahir Bhasin has many qualities as he looks like a mere boy and he didn’t give a look of a villain.

MMT: How would Force 2 react on other countries? Is it contains any subject to argue?

JA:  No. Force 2 is not targeting any other country including Pakistan. It is about the people of India who are working as a spy in different countries.

MMT: What is the main subject in Force 2?

JA: The central theme of the movie is to argue upon our country policies and functions. The movie will entertain you more as well as it will give you a lesson. We get its story from many of true incidents. So you may call it real story based film.

MMT:  What is the story of Force 2? Is it a bit different from Force (2011)?

JA: Yes in some ways, In Force (2011) I had worked as ACP Yashvardhan and work for my people to save them and have a death wish. But in Force 2 I am working with a RAW Officer named K.K (Sonakshi Sinha). We were working on some serious projects across the border.

MMT: Sonakshi tell us about your role in the movie, do you enjoy it?

SS: I am acting as a RAW officer and as an active woman, I take part in the action. I enjoy as a RAW agent because this role is one of my best-loved characters.

MMT: Sonakshi, did John Abraham and you fall in love as was in Force (2011)?

SS:  There is something different in the movie we are working together in the film, but it doesn’t end in love. The audience will enjoy the film as well.

MMT:  What would you say about the action of the film? This was a mutual question to Sonakshi and Abraham.

SS: I enjoy all the actions in the movie. In fact, my way of talking and walking changed after driving a car at such a high speed or suspending from a building?

JA: We have the best directors for their help in action scenes like Franz Spilhaus, who is the director of the District 9. And we also have the best action director from India Allan Amin.

MMT: Sonakshi, how was the start of the movie? Is there something different from past one?

SS: In the start of the movie there are some funny touches as John wants to live in the gym while I can’t stay more than 45 minutes in the gym.

MMT: John, which thing you find different in Force 2 while working with Sonakshi Sinha?

JA: While working with Sonakshi Sinha in the movie, I find her much stronger and active. She takes part in the action which will blow your mind. When she drives a car at 100km per hour and I was hanging on the back door open. The action of the movie will definetly inspire you.
He further said that there was a scene in the film when a dead spy comes from another country in the form of pieces. The family of that dead body asks that just call it as an Indian, but we don’t because spies do not honor.

MMT: Thank you sir and mam for your precious time.

You are always welcome (John & Sonakshi)

John Abraham & Sonakshi Sinha Interview Photos

Below are some pictures of John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha interview with Mr. Suleman Jazib.

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview

John Abraham and Sonakshi Sinha Interview


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