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nazia malek

Pakistani model, actress and host Nazia Malek start her career from drama serial “Main Baba Ki Ladli.” Zeba bakhtiyar production house “Sagar Entertainment” produce this drama serial. Since then, he has participated in numerous drama series, fashion shows, telefilms, magazine, and Still shoot. Nazia Malek has demonstrated her acting skills in several other drama series till now. But the most memorable are “Main Bhi Khowab Daekhti Hun” in which she was acting in a role of laali with Faheem Burni Mashroom production. “Main Bhi Khowab Daekhti Hun” was on aired on Pakistani TV Channel Aplus. While her another famous drama serial “Tanhai” was on-air on popular TV channel HUM TV. Now she is entraining her fans with modeling in Dubai in different fashion shows and magazines.

Team member of Mirch Masla TV, Miss Rubab Saher meet Nazia Malek to take her interview. There is a question/answer session between them, below are the views of Nazia Malek.

Nazia Malek Interview by Rubab Saher

MMT: (Mirch Masala TV)

NM: (Nazia Malek)

MMT: Nazia tell us about yourself?

NM: I started my carrier as an actor in a Pakistani Drama Serial Main Baba Ki Ladli, now I am doing modeling in Dubai.

MMT: Why do you want to work as a model?

NM: Because I want to be a super model but Modeling and acting are my favorite passion when I was child.

MMT: What are your goals as a model?

NM: I want to change mind and negative thoughts of people about media and modeling. As modeling is a positive thing which at the end put a positive impact on the society

MMT: What you enjoy more, acting or modeling?

NM: Yes work is always fun for me because I love my work, I think I enjoy modeling more than acting.

MMT: Who is your favorite designer?

NM: All designers are good because their work give me more potential to work. I always give respect to all designers because they are base for any model.

MMT: Did you have any offers for Films?

NM: Yes I have sign two Bollywood movies in past, but after the stressed atmosphere between the two countries Pakistan and India I have decided to drop both these projects. My first priority is Pakistan and I don’t bear that anybody say anything wrong about my beloved country. And I am proud to be Pakistani and my first preference is Pakistan. So I have decided to join again Pakistan and I am going to start two new projects of acting. Probably I shall reach Pakistan on 1st December to take initiative of my two upcoming projects.

MMT: Any message to upcoming models?

NM: Yes I always use to say that your talent is your success, don’t trust anybody who try to give fake support for the entrance in industry. Talented people make their ways their self with the help of their potential and skills.

Nazia Malek Photos

nazia malek


nazia malek

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