Interview of Dobara Phir Se Cast & Director by Suleman Jazib

Dobara Phir Se cast

The upcoming Pakistani movie Dobara Phir Se will release on 25th of November 2016. Mehreen Jabbar is the director; Salman Iqbal Mohammad Jerjees Seja and Mehreen Jabbar are mutual producers. Bilal Sami and Mehreen Jabbar are co-writers of Dobara Phir Se.

dobara phir se cast



Cast of Dobara Phir Se

The movie has following cast

  • Ali Kazmi
  • Hareem Farooq
  • Adeel Hussain
  • Sanam Saeed
  • Atiqa Odho
  • Tooba Siddiqui
  • Shaz Khan

MMT: (Mirch Masala TV)

SS: (Sanam Saeed)

AH: (Adeel Hussain)

AK:(Ali Kazmi)

MJ:(Mehreen Jabbar)

HF:(Hareem Farooq)

Interview of Dobara Phir Se Cast & Director by Suleman Jazib

Here is an interview of Dobara Phir Se cast and director.

MMT: What is the central theme of the movie Dobara Phir Se?

SS: It is a romantic type of film that tells about the relationship of the people. Some verses of the film are heart touching. This movie is an entirely different movie from movies in the past. It is a refreshing type of subject.

MMT: What was the idea to direct this movie?

AH: I have a passion for film-making, a good movie, and good scripts I need from anywhere in the world. I am glad to be a part of this film with these actors.

MMT: What you say about the whole movie?

AK: The music, the story-line, and the people everything is excellent, and you will experience this soon.

MMT: If there any inspiration, as in Indian movies?

MJ: I don’t follow Indian films; I haven’t got such kind of inspirations. Pakistan has the richest talent than any other country. The main thing is to provide a platform to people so that they can elaborate themselves.

MMT: What is the story of the film?

SS: The story is about some friends their relationships and then breaks up, etc.

AH: It’s about young generation like taking decisions which are Unpredictable. It has a lot of optimism in the story. While working with Mehreen, we all got surprised after seeing her unique work.

MMT: Anything in the movie for which you wait for its release?

SS: I am much excited about the film, and I believe that people will enjoy the humorous scenes of the movie.

MMT: Say something about your roles in the movie?

AH: I reasonably enjoy playing the male role, I am the bachelor existing without any label.

SS: My character is jubilant, and I enjoy my role.

HF: I have the role of Zainab in the movie, and Zainab’s character has a lot of strength in a very determined way.

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Dobara Phir Se


Dobara Phir Se

Dobara Phir Se

Dobara Phir Se

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