International Women’s Day Dubai

International Women's Day 2017 Dubai

A beautiful, incredible, elegant, striking, glittering, outstanding and unique event for women by women is taking place in Dubai. The event has decorated as well for the purpose of entertainment designed for you. This point often overlooked to have enough enjoyment within these type of events. This type of events should be held time to time to entertain you along with a unique and broad subject to inform you as well. The different talents performance at on place will make the event more inspiring. Women’s day┬ácelebrations with a different intention in Dubai.

International Women’s Day Dubai 2017

International Women’s Day Celebrations, Dubai was held at Vegas Lounge, Holiday Inn. A powerhouse of 8 most successful women in Dubai from 8 different countries representing their traditional attire on one platform. These beautiful women appear there to┬árepresent their respective countries.

Celebrations For Women & by Women

  • Ovilia Mendonca from India
  • Ana-Maria Simion from Romania
  • Stella John from Nigeria
  • Emma Kreiter from Germany
  • Aqsa Illahi from Pakistan
  • Ana-Maria Simion from Romania
  • Xihan Huang from China.
  • Monika from Spain
  • Alexandria from Egypt
  • Simona Stanciu from Romania -Photography

Sama Kinan from Pakistan – makeup professional who holds the 5th rank in UAE Beauty Championship. Conceptualised by Ovilia Mendonca in association with Vegas Lounge, Dubai. A unique event by women, for women, by women.

“We have fought many wars, most internal. The ones that we battle alone, for this, we are remarkable. We are survivors! A woman who walks in purpose doesn’t have to chase people or opportunities, and her light causes people and opportunities to pursue her.”

2017 Women’s Day Dubai Photo Gallery

2017 International Women's Day

2017 International Women's Day

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