How to Install Remix OS on PC with USB

Install Remix OS on PC

Want to use Remix OS 2.0 on your PC but does not know how to install it on your pc? No Worries, I brought here all of the necessary techniques to install Remix OS on PC. Now, it is going to be easiest one to install it. If you have not acquainted with Remix OS or don’t what the Remix OS is? You will find all answers on your questions into this release.

About Remix OS

The actual use on the PC to use Android device. It is primarily an Android OS to be used on Desktop PC. It supports Legacy BIOS, as well as UEFL boot ways and means. Furthermore, it is the most useful Operating System to run your favorite Android Apps on your PC. Furthermore, you don’t need any of additional software to run your favorite android apps on your pc. Games and other efficiency apps you can run and get benefits from them easily. Jide Technology creates the Remix OS. Three occur ex-Google engineers founded the company, on the way to bring about the goal of opening Android’s potential. Far ahead, Android-x86 founder joined the the Jide team, Chih-Wei Huang such as x86 Technology Lead.

How to Install Remix OS on PC with USB

You need to meet these requirements:

  • Torrent Downloading Client
  • Remix OS 2.0
  • Remix OS USB Installer
  • USB 3.0
  • Legacy mode (BIOS)
  • USB Drive 8GB
  • USB (FAT32 Format
  • Windows PC

Technique #1 to Install Remix OS on PC

First of all, you require to download Remix OS 2.0 in addition to Remix USB installer, in order to install the program on the USB drive.

Install Remix OS on PC

Technique #2 to Install Remix OS on PC

After downloading successfully the above mentioned software, you need to format USB drive. Consequently, change its format to FAT 32. In the end, USB Drive will get ready to install Remix OS 2.0 in the memory of it. (if you have any important type of data into the USB you need to save it into Hard disk drive before formatting)

Technique #3 to Install Remix OS on PC

The USB installation tool will install the program on USB. The first thing which you will select after starting program is file location (where you want to save your ISO file). Now add the ISO file into the USB tool. In like manner, select the USB on which you want to install the program. Furthermore, the USB tool has a couple of options. The one is to select location into pc. However, the second one is to select USB drive for this purpose.

Install Remix OS on PC

Technique #4 to Install Remix OS on PC

Now you need to select the file Remix OS (ISO) file where you want to install. Just after selection, Remix OS USB tool will start working. It will copy all files and will write bootloader on the USB drive. The process ending time will occur according to the speed of your system. Wait for its completion.

Install Remix OS on PC

Technique #5 to Install Remix OS on PC

Reboot your system.

Install Remix OS on PC

In order to, boot from USB, you need to select this option. Once it boots you will see a blue screen containing a couple of choices:

  •    Guest Mode
  •    Resident Mode

The Guest Mode is for the people who are just testing and not sure to use it again. This mode will not save anything on the system. As soon as you reboot your system, all data will be loosed.

Install Remix OS on PC

In the case of ‘Resident Mode,’ it will format the USB. However, it will save all of the details as well as changes which you make in the duration of the process to the Remix OS. For this reason, it takes 5 to 15 minutes during the process. However, you don’t need to install it again and again once you work in the resident mode. At the moment, Remix OS has been installed. You have been getting confirmation message through Remix OS boot screen.

Technique #6 to Install Remix OS on PC

Well! You have done the process to install Remix OS. At the moment, you can simply use it after a few steps.

1st Step is to select the language in which you want to use the software. Just after booting into the Remix OS you will see a screen opting out for language selection.

Install Remix OS on PC

2nd step is to agree to the user agreement.

Install Remix OS on PC

3rd step is to click on the star, and it will take you into the Remix OS 2.0. Now you can experience Remix OS on your pc.

Install Remix OS on PC

A lot of Android apps are open up to you and can use Facebook, WhatsApp, WordPress and many others. Enjoy and keep visiting

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