Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh organised a beautiful family festival at a local resort in the city of Riyadh in Saudi Arabia. The event inaugurated with Holy Quran recitation. President of Indus Forum Mr Asadullah Jthyal being an organiser He welcomed all guests. He also describes purposes and objectives of Forum.

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

When Indus Forum Established

Indus Forum established in 2010. Its primary purpose is to make available an open platform to the overseas community. For the reason that they can easily communicate and interact with each other. Through which they can develop their culture and values.

Indus Cultural and Social Forum organises this beautiful family event every year. In which a large number of communities take part. Not only local but also from distanced cities. Consequently, the founder of Indus Forum Mr Ghulam Qadir Mallah presented the report related to CPEC. The CPEC report was a detailed, comprehensive as well as it needs consideration.

After that Executive member of Forum Rasheed Sarki started a contest. That was based on Great Sufi poet Shah Abdul Latif Bhutai’s poetry. The title of the contest was ‘Lateef Familiarity” which was informative. In which audience take part actively. The winner got Shah Abdul Latif Bhutai’s book in the prize. Dr Ismail Memon pays tribute to Shah Abdul Latif Bhutani. Because He said that Mr Shah Every time teaches love, humanity & love, brotherhood and tolerance as well.

After that, Executive members of Indus Forum, Mr Zeeshan Qazi and Dr Mustafa Memon organised quiz competition based on Sindhi Literature. there was Many other competitions also organised, and the audience takes part actively in them. In the end, many members were honoured with Biggest Icon of Sindhi Ajrak.

In the event, Music was also arranged in which famous singer. Behram Khan from Taif sings beautifully and entertain audience well.

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

Participation  Of Women’s In Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]omen also take part in this colourful event. especially, famous social personality Dr Hina Ambreen Tariq fulfil the duties of the organizer.In fact She also arranges competition of cultural dresses. Between women and children. Even more, there was Numerous exciting competitions were organised including sports. A lot of interesting things there to attract the attention of everyone. Like Magic Show, Face Painting and much more. Dr Saima Memon, Aqsa Rafique, Safa Tariq and Alishba aslam takes part to make the event successful.

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he Festival was full of Sindhi Culture and values.while, chief guest  was  the event  Commercial Welfare Attaché Mr Abdul Shakoor. Sheikh of Pakistan Embassy Riyadh. In the end, a superb dinner was arranged for guests.  More importantly thing was there are many Pakistanis attend the party.under those circumstances that was very special for participates.

Special Thanks To Mrs DR HINA AMBREEN 

Indus Cultural and Social Forum Riyadh

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