5 Methods to Increase Platelets Count in Dengue Fever

Increase Platelets During Dengue

Dengue Fever is somewhat dangerous due to people have a little information concerning the disease. However, everyone would need to educate their selves to prevent it. In the first place, a low platelet count would catch you to dengue fever. Here are some natural ways to increase platelets during dengue but first of all it is necessary to know what are platelets in actual?

What Is A Platelet?

A platelet is basically a tiny blood cell that aids your body form clots to prevent bleeding. For instance, if one of your blood vessels damaged. It shows out signals which are taken by platelets immediately. At that moment, the platelets rush to the place of injury and arrange a plug, or clot, to overhaul the damage. The location of Platelet generation is in your bone marrow together with your white and red blood cells. Your bone marrow is the spongy midpoint within bones.

There is another name for platelets, and that is thrombocytes. Healthcare providers habitually call a clot a thrombus. As soon as, the platelets are prepared and spread into the bloodstream, it lives for 8-10 days. A normal platelet count range, in a hale and the hearty person, is 150,000 to 450,000 platelets for each microlitre of blood. However, in the case of lower than 150,000 per microlitre, the situation is measured a low platelet count.  Here are some natural as well as useful solutions that are fast in work.

1: Vitamin C

In order to increase platelets during dengue; you need to intake a large amount of vitamin C rich foods. Vitamin C will be your most helpful companion in this dangerous problem. Furthermore, Vitamin C foods have powerful antioxidants inside it stops the free radical-mediated damage of the platelets. In general, the body needs 400 to 2,000 mg of Vitamin C per day. However, it is in keeping with your age as well as health. It is required to eat foods that are high in vitamin C as lemons, cantaloupes, tomatoes, oranges, spinach, kiwi, bell peppers and some other.

Increase Platelets During Dengue

2: Pumpkin

Pumpkin is one of the rich food to increase platelets during dengue. Further, it will improve into your body the platelet count to have Vitamin A inside. Meanwhile, Vitamin A helps to develop proper platelets. In like manner, it regulates the protein produced in cells that contribute to advance the level of the platelet. You can intake pumpkin in the face of juice, in addition, adding honey to it. Furthermore, you can also take it via adding pumpkin puree smoothies, soups, stews, as well as you can add it to baked goods.

pumpkin to Increase Platelets during Dengue Fever

3: Papaya

Papaya is good fruit in addition to its leaves can take part in increment of platelet count in the body. In like manner, it has an ability to increase platelets during dengue instantaneously. Papaya leaves juice has its individual and special effects in increment of platelet count during dengue. You can eat ripe papaya or drink the juice of papaya. You need to intake thrice in a day.

Increase Platelets During Dengue

4: Spinach

Here is another helpful vegetable which will help you to increase platelets during dengue that is spinach. The vitamin K rich vegetable, spinach contributes to making proper blood clotting. Furthermore, it makes less rate of excessive bleeding. You can intake it by boiling two or three leaves of it into the water. Add that water to tomato juice and drink it twice in a day.

Increase Platelets During Dengue

5: Beetroot

Beetroot is high in antioxidants and hemostatic properties which have an ability to raise the level of platelet count. It is considered the best food to increase platelets during dengue. You can intake it via juice form. Take one tablespoon of beetroot juice thrice a day. You can also drink it by adding three tablespoons of its juice into a glass of carrot juice.

Increase Platelets During Dengue

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