Imran Qureshi To Receive Medal of Arts By US State Department

Imran Qureshi

The International Medal of Arts is a prize for the artists who exhibit an abiding dedication to the Art of cultural diplomacy by the visual arts and international cultural exchange. Their artwork assists as a bridge between other nations encourage analysis and expression. And their art highlights the everyday experiences of people from countries, cultures, and backgrounds. Here is the first, Pakistani artist Imran Qureshi who is conferred International Medal of Arts on Thursday. He got the medal by US Department of State at its memorable Benjamin Franklin Room.

Imran Qureshi First Pakistani To Receive Medal of Arts by US State Department

Imran Qureshi, who falls from Lahore, to receive the distinguishable award over a career in arts. His art career based on two decades. Qureshi’s work is an elegant combination of beauty and desolation in the same breath. His paintings have various aspects, faces and topics in them. There are fundamentally different things in his art presentations as blood red colour sometimes. Whether sometimes it contains decorative motives in them while portraying Flora & Fauna and sometimes body parts. After a keen observation of his art pieces, you may come to know that his paintings are truly an inspiration of the violence incidents. At some points, it looks like a presentation of the often ignored beauty of Pakistan.

Imran Qureshi

Upon getting the honour, Qureshi said that he was bewildered with joy over the realisation of the Pakistani arts. He dedicated the award to Pakistan, stating that the West only sees one side of the picture, the Pakistan as the media defines it, which is usually dark side. The other artists to take the award along with him were Nick Cave, Wolf Kahn, Pat Steir, Jenny Holzer, and Rachel Whiteread.

Qureshi who is a teacher of miniature painting at National College of Arts Lahore. In 2013, he was awarded the Deutsche Bank Award for “Artist of the Year”. The Medal of Arts award was launched by Art in Embassies in 2013 with an aim to promote cultural diplomacy.

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