Imran Khan Submits Answer To ECP in Contempt Of Court Verdict

imran Khan

The selected lawyer of Imran Khan, Babar Awan has submitted the reply of the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI)’s Leader in front of the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in the disdain of court case. In like manner, the election body, in its terse command, stated that it would analysis the reply on the 27th of September and at that time provide its decision.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) was inquiry a disrespect of court petition in contradiction of Imran Khan. The case gathers in a line by party rebellious, and one of them was in the PTI’s creation members, named Akbar S. Babar. Furthermore, the appeal had claimed that the PTI chief, in response to the commission in one more case on the subject of party funding; used offensive language which was the same as to the disrespect of court. Consequently, Imran Khan’s lawyer Saqlain Haider had given into an unconditional expression of regret.

Imran Khan Submits Answer To ECP in Contempt Of Court Verdict

On the other hand, the PTI chairman in a TV interview had, in fact, thought that his counsel offered an apology in his own capacity. Furthermore, Imran Khan himself had not confessed. On the evidence of the interview, the ECP was once again transferred to go on in contradiction of Khan. In his scribbled reply on Monday, Imran Khan declared that his lawyer Saqlain Haider had presented the apology on his account. And the PTI chief had not objected or opposed the apology. He argued that after the submission of the apology, the matter should have been settled.

Imran Khan Submits Answer To ECP in Contempt Of Court Verdict

“My counsel gives the impression as pleader/advocate; thru complete ability to act on my recommendation to set in rest the liss/contempt proceeding.” explains Khan’s written reply.
Babar Awan also gives into the order of Islamabad High Court (IHC): interrupting the arrest warrants for Khan Give out by the ECP. He further claimed that the IHC would hear a petition; with regard to the ECP’s powers relating to contempt of court.

Earlier in the day, the petitioner gathers in a line another application contrary to Imran Khan. Furthermore, a new claim that the PTI chief recently for the 2nd time criticized the ECP. Therefore, another contempt of court proceedings should be launched against him. ECP advised Imran Khan to present a reply to the application on 27th of September.

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