Hydrogen One World’s First Holographic Smartphone

Hydrogen One

RED is recognised for manufacturing high-end certified grade cameras. On the other hand, the company announced its aims to enter into the industry of smartphone. They also make it clear that they are not just taking a step into the smartphone industry to make another android. However, they are going to create something unique and innovative. The phone which they are going to create will be called Hydrogen One. The phone will come with a holographic display.

The smartphone’s 5.7-inch display can present not only 2D but also 3D. The phone will also be able to support interactive content for instance media and games. It will open the new ways for VR, AR and MR applications. However, nothing much about the specs is elaborated. But it offers a nanotechnology display to get holographic experiences. The phone will take in USB Type-C, which has developed the standard for high-end phones.

Hydrogen One World’s First Holographic Smartphone
Hydrogen One World’s First Holographic Smartphone

RED originator Jim Jannard statements that the technology is dissimilar whatever that get hold of the market. That’s probing for the reason that it has been years from the time when 3D smartphones hit the market; by the trend disappearing in months. To enhance the visual treat, Hydrogen One will also support multi-dimensional audio over and done with its speakers using an innovative algorithm. The design is elaborated as modular, providing for outside attachments (that are supposed to be photography-centered, released RED’s expertise). Furthermore, there will be a support to work amidst RED’s cinematography cameras.

Hydrogen One is expected to be release in the first quarter of next year. It will cost much over and above any other chief flagship. The Hydrogen One price begins from+ $1195 for the aluminum version and $1595 for Titanium. The phone is open up for the pre-orders. Notwithstanding, RED has still not displayed a functioning model. The overly enthusiastic sounding Hydrogen One will be the true coming of your dreams.

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