Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow Update in Pakistan

huawei honor 5x marshmallow update

Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow Update

Nowadays Huawei is top trending brand in Pakistan for its smartphones, and they are generating a huge revenue from Pakistani market. As Huawei is introducing new models of smartphones with high specifications but in low prices than Samsung, Microsoft, and Nokia. So the smartphone lovers fulfill their wish of using class smartphones by purchasing Huawei phones. Huawei Honor 5X is also most selling smartphone in Pakistan, and its build in android version is Lollipop. The users of Honor 5X were waiting badly for its new Android version in Pakistan. Officially the Marshmallow update was announced in USA in the start of the year. Finally, the company launched Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow update in Pakistan in the mid of October 2016.

This update contains Marshmallow Android version 6.0.1 having EMUI 4.0 operating system. Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow OTA file is also available for download to upgrade manually by the user himself. Simply download the Huawei Honor 5x Android 6.0 zip from any website and follow the steps as guided by them.

To update Marshmallow connect your smartphone to a Wi-Fi internet connection, first go to settings, then scroll down the menu to end, then tap on Update tab.huawei honor 5x marshmallow update

huawei honor 5x marshmallow update

A new window appears on your smartphone with the button of ‘check for updates,’ tap on it. huawei honor 5x marshmallow update

After checking, the system will give an option of update available, again tap on it to download the update package. It will start automatically installing the Marshmallow update after rebooting the device. Now, enjoy the new update of Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow 6.0.

huawei honor 5x marshmallow update

Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow Key Features

Application Compass:

  • Regarding of the city or the dense forest, just open the compass, and the direction will be clear in mind.
  • If the phone is flat, it will display the compass, which would show the position and direction. If the phone is vertical, it will show the real scene, and you can look at the scenery or road conditions.

Ringtone Duration of Alarm

  • Five minutes or ten minutes ringing of alarm is enough to wake you from a deep sleep? Do not worry, the new software’s alarm would set to rescue you! The update will add the ring duration, which contains six kinds, so there is always awake suitable for you.

Screen Recording

  • Screen recording is also a new feature in Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow update; you can record on your phone screen while using your phone. By using this feature, you can create small video tutorials, easy to guide the distant relatives or friends.

Contacts Grouped

  • The contacts in phonebook saved with same company name will be grouped so that you can make contact effortlessly.

Message – Cancel send message within four seconds

  • Do you have this moment, which you found the wrong message sent within 0.01 seconds after click it? Encountered this issue in this Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow update, what is your feeling? The Marshmallow adds an interesting feature to cancel the message sent, as long as you cancel sending the SMS within four seconds.

Resolve some of the known issues

  • Some applications like Native browser and UC Browser removed from apps.
  • Voice search also removed as it is already integrated with Google Search.
  • Updater app is deleted from the tools folder, as it is also available in the settings.
  • Screen Lock app is removed in tools, as soft lock feature is present in the navigation bar.
  • AM/PM will not be visible on the lock screen in M version.
  • Battery setting shortcut is removed from the settings shortcut as battery consumption can be known by enabling ‘battery status’ option in ‘Notification panel and status bar.’

Important Instructions before Downloading Huawei Honor 5X Marshmallow Update

  • Update package download is available, and Data charges may apply. So, Downloading over Wi-Fi is recommended rather than Mobile Data.
  • Before downloading or installing the update, make sure that the remaining power is more than 50%.
  • During downloading upgrade package, the operation of the device will not be impacted. Please note, upgrade procedure need some minutes to let the device reboot and flashing. During flashing, the device is not available for use.
  • This version can roll back to the old version. To roll back, you are referring to see the guidelines available within the release. Don’t forget to take backup of your data as the rollback will erase user data.

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