How To Vanish Spots From Face

Spots on face

The skin care is very necessary part of life if the care excluded from routine activities the skin will fade. There were also some small problems comes out on the face, it becomes hard, and all shine goes out. Some spots at our face appear, sometimes causes of them we know, yet sometimes we are blind regarding the causes. However when the problem generated, then we try to resolve it in any case because it looks odd.

Get Rid of Face Spots Naturally

First of all, you would take care of your skin as well. Clean out it daily, use cleanser two times a day to clean it. Because the dirt which inserted into the skin pores it would be washed out. Drink enough water and a proper diet is also necessary to get rid of these types of problems.

Here are some home remedies to solve these problems of spots on face.

1. Apply Fresh Lemon Juice Mixture

Take one tablespoon of rose water, lemon juice and honey, mix them well and apply it on your face as a mask. Then leave it for 15 minutes, or wait for dry then wash it out with Luke warm water. It prevents spots from the face and makes it fresh and glowing.

Spots on face

2. Yoghurt Paste With Gram Flour & Lemon Juice

Take Gram flour, lemon Juice and yoghurt, mix them well and apply it on the face correctly. Cover face with it then leaves it for 15 minutes when it becomes dry wash it out with Luke warm water.

Spots on face

3. Apply Radish Leaves Paste

Here is a home remedy with is so beneficial for your whole body’s health as well as for its appearance. The Radish is the thing when you eat it, it improves your inner body health and makes it good. Take leaves of the radish and blend them well, then apply carefully on the spots, do massage. It will make your skin glowing, and clear as well as your spots of any types will fade out.

Spots on face


These methods are so useful for your skin and to remove spots from your face. But the care of face is essential and cannot be ignored in any case. So take proper care of your skin and try to save it from dirt and clean it on a daily basis.

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