How To Make Your Eyelashes Grow Longer

eyelashes grow longer

Eyelashes Grow Tips Remedies

Hairs which grow around the eyelid called eyelashes, they protect the eye from rubbishes and insects, and these are different for every person. Some people have thick; some have light, some have long, and some have short eyelashes. Long lashes are always a wish of every girl because it is considered as a beauty sign. Usually, girls use artificial lashes to fulfill the desire of eyelashes grow, but this is not a better solution. To make eyelashes grow, one should take care of his/her eyelashes.
As artificial methods and use of unnatural eyelashes will make original lashes weaker. So the question is; how to make your eyelashes grow? Here are some natural home remedies which will make your lashes strong, long and thick. Following are the harmless household tips, and they have positive results on eyes and their lashes:

Do Eyelashes Grow with Castor Oil

Use of Castor Oil increases the growth of eyelashes and make them soft and glowing. Castor Oil is useful to grow hair, and it has many other benefits for hairs and skin. Now learn the applying method of Castor Oil on lashes.
  • Take a clean brush or cotton, and then use them to apply Castor Oil on your lashes. In the second approach of using castor oil, mix the castor oil with Vitamin E and apply on your lashes and leave them overnight, and in the morning wash them with fresh water. Repeat this process daily, and you will get good results.

eyelashes grow with castor oil

Do Eyelashes Grow with Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil and Lavender Essential Oil:

It is the quality of Coconut oil that it rapidly extends and grow new hairs. Coconut oil is also useful for eyelashes to grow them gently and make them thick. Similarly, Lavender Essential oil is also useful for lashes.
  • Take ½ Tbs and mix three, four drops of Lavender Essential oil, and mix them well, then apply it with your finger in your eyelashes’ till roots. Leave it the whole night and remove it in the morning.
eyelashes grow with coconut oil

Eyelashes Grow with Vaseline

Use of Egg and Vaseline:

The egg is a healthy food which is good to eat, and it can also be useful in different home remedies. For example, it is beneficial for the growth of hairs, as well as it also strengthens the roots of hairs. Vaseline is usually useful to make hands and foot soft; also it is helpful for dryness of lips.
You can use both things after making their mixture, to enhance the eyelashes and their strength.
eyelashes grow with egg and vasaline

Do Eyelashes Grow with Petroleum Jelly

You can use Petroleum Jelly on your eyelashes to improve their growth, and it also makes the eyelashes long and thick. Petroleum jelly is very beneficial for this cause, but keep one thing always in your mind, always use original Petroleum jelly.
eyelashes grow with petroleum jelly

Green Tea To Grow Eyelashes

Use of green tea is very effective either you drink it, or you use it as a home remedy, it will always give you good results.

  • Take green tea leaves. Boil the water and insert the leaves in this boiled water then wait, when water becomes cool then apply it on your eyelashes and leave them. It will make your eyelashes thicker and stronger.

eyelashes grow with green tea leaves

These all remedies are effective, but it is better to take care of your eyelashes by taking these simple steps daily:

1: wash and comb them regularly.
2: Take off your entire makeup before sleep.
3. Keep eyelashes clean.
4: Do not rub them badly, treat them with soft hands.
5: Take proper sleep.
6: Take food regularly and try to use more vegetable, fruits, and milk.
These above steps are the best way which can make your eyelashes grow beautiful and healthier.

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