How to Get Healthy, Strong & Bright Nails

Healthy nails

Nails took a prominent place on the body as well as its health. Women often need to grow nails fast and make the proper shape of them. They want to grow them long, strong, clear and healthy. Here are some useful methods, after doing these you can make healthy nails.

How to Get Bright, Strong And Healthy Nails

1. Don’t Destroy Nails:

First of all, you have to stop bad habits as biting your nails with your teeth, or it will be related to some nervous habits. This habit can cause some bacterial infections in your mouth and on your hands. Sometimes there is some dry skin around your nails tries to clip off it rather than biting it. Try to keep them clean and polished or use nail art so this habit will become less. Use a chewing gum or any other solution to get rid of this habit.

Healthy nails

Acrylic or nail gels are the things which leave your nails dry and become a cause of slow grow. These things are so dangerous for nails because proper removal can damage your nails. Don’t forget to apply base coat or top coat before you apply nail polish because they help to protect your nails. If you don’t use these things, you are damaging your nails.  Don’t use your nails as tools to scrap something, or peeling off labels, and these habits can easily damage your nails.

2. Eat Perfect Food:

Secondly, you have to take Vitamin H, A & C, it increases growth, and makes sound you nails and skin. Almonds, Avocado, peanut butter, egg, cheese and beef are the rich sources of Vitamin H or Biotin. Vitamin A rich sources are potatoes, fish, carrot, squash, & daily intake would be around 700 to 900 micrograms. And Vitamin C is found in oranges, lemons, apples, strawberries, cherries and many other fruits. Vitamin C recovers the inside damages of the body.

Healthy nails

3: Take Care of Your Nails:

To get healthy, bright and glowing nails you should clean them daily, and file them as well. And soak your nails in the warm water for five minutes to lose your cuticles. Use a cuticle stick to remove dead skin, apply this method four times a week. Use moisturiser around cuticles it will stop hang nails or breaking of nails. Some strengthening treatments exist in the market, like serums, creams, protein treatments, and there is also a strengthening polish.

Healthy nails

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