How To Get A Natural Dimpled Face

natural dimpled face

A beautiful face has a more elegant look if it has a perfect combination of dimples on its cheeks. Some people have dimples on cheeks naturally, but some wish to have these. So today we are going to disclose some methods to have natural dimpled face.

Natural Dimpled Face

How Dimples Form on Face

The base of dimples via medical point of view is a result of muscles deformity. Actually, the tiny muscles pulled when someone smiles which results in a hollow in the cheeks. That’s why you can see dimples on the face just then someone smiles. This thing will also be genetic if someone’s parents have dimples he or she will have too. The dimples are invisible when muscles are in relax state.

Various Tricks to Have Natural Dimpled Face

While it’s hard to get dimples naturally forever (if anybody doesn’t have), but here are some tricks with these you can get them for a limited period. But you can get it forever via surgery, but if you won’t like surgery you have to do some exercises.

Method # 1

First of all, you have to suck up your cheeks inside till the hollow between cheeks comes on the face. Do this practice for 10 minutes for positive results.

natural dimpled face

Method # 2

The method which is so common to get natural dimpled face is to press you cheeks with index fingers. Before doing this, you must point out the area of the face where usually dimples come out. This exercise would be repeated 20 minutes a day, with the gap of 5 minutes. 5 minutes continuously press then release and smile then again press your fingers.

natural dimpled face

You can use a pencil back on your cheeks to get dimples on your face, but you must keep in view the exact place of dimples.

Method # 3

You would also use makeup to create a shadow or illusion of Dimples. These are all methods to get dimples on your face but not permanently these are useful for a limited time period. Don’t forget to catch these moments via snapshot and save them forever to impress your friends.

natural dimpled face

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