How To Apply Blush on Round Face Step by Step

How to Apply Blush On Round Face step by step

Blush is the central part of the makeup which color up your cheeks beautifully. The glowing pink cheeks shine your overall face beautifully. You can make your face look slimmer as well as soft. In order to get the perfect look. Here are some useful instructions on How to Apply Blush on a Round Face?

Helpful Instructions

1. In the start select the best matching color with your skin tone. If your face is pale try to apply pink shades or you also have an opportunity to select rosy peach shades. For the perfect fair complexion the light rosy blush on suits most. However, in the case of tanned complexion, peach shades look perfect for applying on it.

2. Don’t Apply glitter blush on the cheeks hollows.

3: Do not apply powder blush directly on the foundation with a powdery finish. Apply moisturiser first. However, For a creamy blush, use it on the powdered compact base.

How to Apply Blush On Round Face?

How to Apply Blush On Round Face step by step

1. The area between hairline and eyebrows need to blush. It will provide a leek look forehead.

2. Start from the near mouth point of the cheek and take it to near ear leaving a half inch between. Apply the blush using two or three strokes.

3. Blush also makes your nose slim and give it a sharp look. Apply it in a single line along sides of the nose. Apply it same on the both sides of the nose. However, do not use it over the blush line.

4. Round chin faces look more round than other chin types. As a result, put in a linear shape on both sides of the chin. However, keep in view that doesn’t apply too much blush here. But a gentle stroke is enough.

5. Always use blush with light hands, in order to mix it up with skin tone.

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