Home Made Beauty Tips For Fresh Skin

light and fresh skin care

Are you going for a night function but your face looks tired? Here is a solution for you easier to change its look in bright and fresh. Everyone wants to look prominent in any function or festival. These are some special occasions when everyone becomes fully formed. Some ladies go to a job in the whole day or strict routine of study to have no time for personality betterment. So here are some easy tips to do on a daily basis to make fresh skin.

Useful Tips for Fresh Skin

1. The immediate solution before going to a party to make your look impressive and gorgeous. The quick 20 minutes method, to make your makeup sound. Take yolk and mix lemon juice into it. Apply it on the face, wait for 20 minutes then wash it off it will make your look better including make-up on face.

2. Take sugar, grind it and save it in a box. After every four or five days when you apply soap on your face take a pinch of that sugar and massage your face with it. Especially on the place where blackheads then rinse off. It will brighten your face.

3. If your skin is dry, then take fresh milk and the fat which you see on it, apply it on the face and leave for 5 minutes then wash out with water. It is also of the brightness of the skin.

4. Gram flour, condensed milk, honey and turmeric powder make a mixture of it & apply on the face for 20 minutes. It will make your face having fresh skin.

5. Take one egg-white and squeeze lemon into it. Make a mask of it, then apply on your face wait for it to dry approx. 20 minutes. Then wash out face properly this method is accurate for oily skin.

light and fresh skin care

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