Home Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Home Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Cracked Heels are a sign of a less attention on your feet. Like other body parts, feet also needs care and attention to become clean and clear. The skin of feet becomes dry as fast as there are no oil glands there. It is a natural process that every part needs oils when it becomes dry; it leads to cracked heels. We have already discussed that what the causes of Cracked Heels are. Here are some useful and easy Home Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels.

Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Home Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

5: Coconut Oil Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Coconut Oil hydrate skin and moisturize it well. The Oil also helps to remove dead skin cells. It also has the ability to nourish the deeper layers.


Coconut Oil (2 tablespoons)

A couple of socks


Apply oil on your feet after that slip your feet on socks and go to bed. Wash them in the morning. Repeat this process for some days to get the desired results.

4: Sesame Oil Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Sesame oil is considered the best moisturizer as well as it nourishes skin well. It makes skin smooth and soft.


4 -5 drops sesame oil


Apply Sesame oil on your cracked heels and massage it well till it’s entirely absorbed. Do this method on a daily basis before sleep.

3: Oatmeal Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Oatmeal has inflammatory properties in it. It moisturises skin well and removes dead skin cells.


Oatmeal powdered    (1 tablespoon)

Olive Oil     (4 – 5 drops)


Add olive oil into powdered oatmeal and make a fine paste of it. Apply this on your Cracked Heels leave it for half an hour rinse it off with cold water.

2: Olive Oil Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels

Olive oil has healing properties besides nourishing elements as well. It makes skin soft and flexible.


Olive Oil (1 tablespoon)

Cotton Ball


Take a cotton ball plus soak it in olive oil after that massage using it on the cracked area in circular motions. Do this for 10 to 15 minutes. Wear a couple of socks and after an hour rinse it off. This is an everyday process.

1: Rice Flour Beauty Tips for Cracked Heels


Ground Rice (2, three tablespoons)

Honey    (1 teaspoon)

Apple cider Vinegar (3 to 4 drops)


Take three tablespoons of ground rice and add everything into it. Make a perfect paste o it. You can also use one teaspoon of Olive oil into it. First soak your feet into warm water for 10 minutes. Later, scrub this paste gently on your feet. It will remove dead skin cells.

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