How To Prevent Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion

How To Prevent Heat Stroke And Heat exhaustion

Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion are two factors that can affect you badly if you have too much interaction with heat or direct sunlight. It usually happens due to hot weather and during heatwaves, but can also occur when you are doing very tough and difficult exercise.

Heat exhaustion is something when you feel sizzling, and human body start to lose salt and water. It can happen during hot season or do the hard- work under the sun.
Heatstroke is something when human body not able to reduced its temperature and reached the dangerous stage. It only happens due to sunlight and heatwaves. Prevent of heat stroke is very necessary for good health.

Heat stroke is more serious than heat exhaustion, and it can create strain in heart, brain, liver and lungs. It can be life threatening factor. Although heat stroke mostly does effect on over age peoples, it can also effect to healthy young athletes.

How To Prevent Heat Stroke And Heat exhaustion

Signs And Symptoms Of Heat Stroke

The hallmark symptom of heat stroke was temperature when human body temperature reached 104 degrees Fahrenheit then body becoming fully warm-up and heated. It can be dangers for that person even there can become a death on the critical situation.

Other symptoms of Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion

 Muscle weakness or cramps
 Nausea and vomiting
 Seizures
 Unconsciousness
 Throbbing headache
 Dizziness and light-headedness
 Lack of sweating despite the heat
 Red, hot, and dry skin
 Rapid, shallow breathing
 Rapid heartbeat, which may be either strong or weak
 Behavioral changes such as confusion, or staggering, disorientation.

How To Prevent Heat Stroke And Heat exhaustion


Causes of Heat Exhaustion and Heat stroke

When your body cannot keep itself fresh and temperature become rising continuously, there are some heat-related causes are making your body hot and make the reason of illness. It’s having because of heat stroke.
Especially hot weather and exercise are main causes of heat exhaustion and heat stroke. The heat index cannot be same as temperature. In index measure the effect of humidity and the air temperature. 90°F heat index and weather temperature is very dangerous for human health.

Diagnostician of heat exhaustion and heatstroke

If a person feel the lack water, laziness and weakens, its mean there are heat-stroke. And he has hot body due to temperature then you should keep care of him and cheek the temperature with the thermometer. If the temperature is more than 104 °F, it’s very dangers stage. The temperature of that person should be controlled and try to decrease it.

How to prevent heat exhaustion and heatstroke

Heat exhaustion and heatstroke can usually be stopped by taking reasonable precautions when it’s very warm.
In summer season cheek the heatwaves are warning and make safe from it. If you are aware when there are a potential danger for your health. The government is using a system that’s called heat-health watch for warn the people about the changes in hot waves. This system has four different warning levels based on the different temperature.

How To Prevent Heat Stroke And Heat exhaustion

Keep Your Environment Cool For Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion

 Make a garden in your house for fresh and cool air.
 If possible, move into a cooler room, especially for sleeping.
 Electric fans may provide some relief to your mind.
 Keep window and doors open for fresh air.

Make Yourself Cool Down For Heat Stroke And Heat Exhaustion

 Eat the cool particularly salad and cool fruit with high water content.
 Take a cool shower in bath.
 Take cool drinks like lemon soda, cool water, coconut water, etc.
 Keep wet cloth on your face and neck in hot weather.

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