Hanif Raja’s Interview with Rubab Sahar on Pakistan’s Independence Day, Dubai

Hanif Raja on Pakistan's Independence day

Hanif Raja Famous Comedian Introduction

Hanif Raja is a senior Pakistani stage comedian, and he uses to spread happiness in public with his sweet jokes. He has a lot of work in the comedy industry of Pakistan. Hanif Raja also hosts too many programs on Pakistan Television. Currently, he is doing a funny program ‘Mehman Qadardan’ with Sheikh Qasim on ATV. Raja is fully impressed with another famous Pakistani comedian Mr Amaan Ullah due to his professional work in comedy. On the Pakistan’s Independence Day 2017, he performs on stage in the drama goodnews.com in Dubai with other artists. Mirch Masala Tv representative Miss Rubab Sahar was also there to capture the amazing moments of the day. After the show, she meets Mr Hanif Raja to takes his views about his work in the drama and Independence Day. Here are the details of his views and feelings about the National day of Pakistan.

Hanif Raja’s Interview with Rubab Sahar on Pakistan’s Independence Day, Dubai

MMT: Sir tell us your experience about your performance in drama and the response from Dubai audience?

Hanif Raja: It was a great response from the public, and it was a program related to National Day of Pakistan. Goodnews.com was the drama of Sharafat Ali Shah, and it was really fantastic. When I see the freshness on the faces of our Pakistani brothers and sisters, I really enjoyed that moment. At I feel that I am in Pakistan while performing in Dubai. The progress of any show depends on the audience, and luckily our audience was too much spicy and beloved.

MMT: What are your views on the subject ‘education’ of the drama?

Hanif Raja: The topic of Mr Sharafat’s drama was the education of women. And for education, it said that if a man gets the education, he will educate only himself. While when a woman gets the education, the whole generation will educate. As you listen, lap of a mother is the first institution for a child, and it is 100% accurate. The good point is that Mr Sharafat selects this topic for his drama, even he delivers this topic very successfully.

Hanif Raja on Independence day

I really congratulate Sharafat sb for this successful play. It should do more work for women, whereas there is always having work on women in Pakistan and all over the world. Sharafat Ali done his one part for women’s rights, whereas we also play the second part by our performance and efforts. As, I feel that Dubai’s audience enjoyed my performance, so this thing gives me the strength to work again in the future with new passion.

MMT: What is your message to the nation regarding Independence Day?

Hanif Raja: I only want to say that Allah Blessed us with a gift of an Independent state. If we do not use this blessing of an independent state properly, then it will be unthankful to Allah. Independence is a huge blessing; we have to enjoy it and just thankful to Allah Almighty that He Blessed us with Pakistan. Pakistan Zindabad.

Hanif Raja on Independence day with Rubab Sahar

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