Best Home Remedy For Severe Hair Fall

Hair Fall Home Remedies

Hairs, the most prominent and beautiful part of the body, long and healthier hairs gives you gorgeous look. It is a wish of every woman to have thick and healthy hairs. But when hairs start falling then it is a sign of a serious problem for them. Hair fall starts mostly because of fewer protein fruits and dirty water. In this article, you can read some hair fall home remedies but first, you should know the common causes of hair fall:
1: If anyone has an illness of some kind like stress.
2: If somebody is not getting enough Protein, as protein sources are meat (every type), dry fruits, cheese, eggs, etc.
hair fall home remedies
3: Or if anybody is taking too much Vitamin A.

Hair Fall Home Remedies Treatment

No need to worry about it, there are some simple home remedies we are going to discuss to get rid of hair fall. There are several things which can stop hair fall, but first of all, you’d take healthy food and avoid eating junk food. A healthy food gives your body strength and fights against different diseases like hair fall.

Further, you must take a proper sleep; it comforts your body muscles. Taking tension and lack of sleep are also leading causes of hair fall. You must take care of yourself.
hair fall home remedies

Excessive Hair Fall Home Remedies

Following are the easy hair fall home remedies.
1.Take crush onions and garlic to make their paste, apply this paste on your hair roots for 20 minutes. After twenty minutes wash your hairs with fresh water. Repeat this process thrice a week. This simple step will stop your hair fall.
hair fall home remedies
2.Take Mustard oil and cut two onions into it. Then put this formula on a hearth and burn onions completely. When they turn into black, then strain onions from oil and use this oil daily. The applying method of this formula is to massage this paste gently into hair roots. You’ll get back your hairs slowly.
hair fall home remedies
3.Take water and insert jujube leaves in it then boil it and wash hair with this water. Also repeat this method thrice a week. Within one month you’ll get good results.
4.Mix yogurt and two eggs and make their paste and apply it on your hairs, then wait for twenty minutes. After 20 minutes wash the paste from your hairs. It is the most natural and easy remedy to avoid hair fall.

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