Hafeez Bowling Action Banned for Third Time

Muhammad Hafeez's Suspension From International Cricket

From last few years, Pakistani cricket players used to trap under issues and problems. Many Pakistani bowlers face allegations from International Cricket Council for short and long terms. Muhammad Hafeez’s already faced one year ban of bowling for all formats of International cricket. Now, he is suspended from bowling in international cricket due to his illegal bowling action. The point of interest is that a few days back Muhammad Hafeez was ranked as the number one all-rounder in the world. Hafeez’s suspension from international bowling brings sad news for Pakistan Cricket fans.

Muhammad Hafeez’s Suspension From International Cricket

Last month during one day series of Pakistan with Sri Lanka his bowling action was reported illegal. After that, Hafeez appears towards board in England for Bio Mechanic assessment in England. Moreover, today morning, ICC officials announce that Pakistani all-rounder Muhammad Hafeez’s bowling action declared to be illegal.

According to the ICC rules, if the deliveries of bowler remain under 15-degree level then the bowler has granted permission to bowl. Whereas, upcoming next 24 months if the bowler’s action again declared illegal then he has to face one year ban. If we put an eye to the assessment, mostly deliveries of off-spinners exceed 15-degree level.

The official statement of ICC About Hafeez’s Suspension


“Hafeez’s suspension from international cricket will also be recognized and imposed by all National Cricket Federations for country cricket events played in their own jurisdiction.

But, in accordance to Article 11.5 of the Regulations and with the consent of PCB (Pakistan Cricket Board), Hafeez may have to chance to bowl in domestic cricket events played under the auspices of the PCB.”

Muhammad Hafeez's Suspension From International Cricket

The statement clarifies that Hafeez has suspended for an infinite time from international bowling but may be permitted to bowl nationally. Domestic cricket also includes the Pakistan Super League (PSL), which will start within a short time.

Total Number of Hafeez’s Suspension

It is the third time Hafeez’s bowling action banned. He was reported in November 2014 while Pakistan was playing a cricket series against New Zealand. In the following month, ICC banned him from bowling. His second ban from international cricket followed in April 2015. At that time ICC find that Hafeez’s ‘remodeled action’ was not better enough either.

The good news is that Hafeez can apply for a re-assessment after clearing his bowling action according to the clause 4.5 of the Regulations.

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