IPL 3rd Match Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders at Rajkot

Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders

Gautam Gambhir and Chris Lynn takes Kolkata Knight Riders to the winning status, the match was played between Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders. Gujrat Lions lost the match by ten wickets. The match was held in on 7th of April 2017 at Saurashtra Cricket Association Stadium, Rajkot. Chris Lynn scored brilliant 93 including a successful fifty on 19 balls. Gautam Gambhir has scored 74 in all match, besides his 32nd IPL half century. Within Gujarat Lions’ innings, Suresh Raina Brendon McCullum and Dinesh Karthik and some other perform well.

Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders

Gujarat Lions Innings

JJ Royc Pathan b Chawla141212030116.66
BB McCullumlbw b K. Yadav3535240402145.83
SK Rainanot out687751070133.33
AJ Finchc & b K. Yadav150908002187.50
KD Karthikc Yadav b Boult4742250602188.00
DR Smithnot out0010000
Extra:    (lb 2, w 2)    4
Total    (04 wickets; 20 overs)    183    (9.15 runs/over)
Not Bat: MS Gony, SB Jakati, P Kumar, DS Kulkarni, S Kaushik

Kolkata Knight Riders Bowling, Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders

TA Boult04040110.00980
PP Chawla0403318.25712
SP Narine0403308.25750
CR Woakes03035011.66551
Kuldeep Yadav0402526.25811
YK Pathan01015015.00102

Kolkata Knight Riders Innings: (Target: 184 runs)

Gu. Gambhirnot out7668481200158.33
CA Lynnnot out9368410608226.82
Extra:    (b 4, w 11)    15
Total (0 wickets; 14.5 overs)    184    (12.40 runs/over)
Not Bat: RV Uthappa, YK Pathan, MK Pandey, CR Woakes, SA Yadav, PP Chawla, SP Narine, Kuldeep Yadav, TA Boult

Gujarat Lions Bowling, Gujarat Lions v Kolkata Knight Riders

 P Kumar02001306.500210
D Kulkarni2.50042014.820333
MS Gony020032016.000451
 S Kaushik040040010.001071
 DR Smith010023023.000113
SB Jakati030030010.000210

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