The Latest Feature Of Google Voice Search In Urdu

Google Voice Search Urdu

Google Voice Search has recently updated to take in feature of Urdu Voice Search that is beneficial for Pakistanis. Urdu is now come to be a language in which voice search is available on google; in like manner, you can find out everything by speaking in Urdu, so you have now get rid of typing. Furthermore, you can get much more features with this google Urdu recognition. You have an ability to search anything, make phone calls, and many other functions with your voice in Urdu. Gboard makes available this facility for you. How does Google Voice Search Urdu work?

How To Work With Google Voice Search Urdu?

• First of all, you need to confirm that you have installed the latest version of GBoard.
• Afterwards, you need to go to settings.
• Select Languages & Input >> Languages.
• Click on “Add a Language”
• After it, you need to select “(اردو (پاکستان” from the given options.
• Choose it as primary or optional (primary will make it default language)
• Open any application, like messaging app
• Tap and hold space bar
• Select Urdu(Pakistan) Language
• Press the small button having sign of microphone
• Start speaking
• You have Done!

As a result, you’ll find a text on the screen, that you speak. The audio will be acknowledged, and if made correctly, you will view a preview of your phrase in Urdu on the screen. However, being the latest feature, sometimes it doesn’t function properly. With the passage of time, it will be improved. For the reason that every language has variations and a lot of vocabularies, so it ‘s hard to find out each and every word when you have just take off a new feature with it.

Further, the search will be based on the particular phrase which you have spoken. In spite of Google Voice Search Urdu, you can also have the feature of Urdu dictation, while searching the web. However, to avail this feature, you need to select the Urdu language as your primary language.

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