Google’s Next Generation Pixel Smartphones Will Launched In October

next generation pixel

The latest model of Google made smartphones next generation Pixel is very near to be launched in future. The device by Google is going to launch on 4th of October. The biggest technology search giant takes steps into smartphone genre with Google Pixel and Google Pixel 2. Furthermore, the company is making much effort to provide its customers the unique and innovative smartphone. The company did not reveal anything apparently, however, it has made bold promises. In like manner, the reports present that upcoming models are Google Pixel and Pixel XL; whereas the phone features like phone storage, a more powerful battery, and an up to date camera functions. It has even insinuated that it will “understand you,” no uncertainty a reference to Google Assistant.

Google’s Next Generation Pixel Smartphones Will Launched In October

Google implicit everything in an ambiguous video (below) presenting a search with a question asking someone, “what’s incorrect with my phone’s battery?” “Why is my phone at all times out of storage?”, “why does my phone proceeds so many blurred photos?” and some other questions similar to these. The pretend searcher inquired why this device is so “sluggish, hot, fragile, irritating, broken, hard, anonymous and … dumb,” as well. So, all of these questions hint at, that Google is going to fix all of these issues to make a latest, perfect, innovative new generation Pixel phone.

In keeping with various reports from Android Police, Evan Blass, HTC (via the FCC) and others, the phones will comprise one or the other a shiny fresh Snapdragon 836 rather 835 processor. Squeeze panels, a 1,440P screen, and about the internal storage, the phone will take in a 4GB RAM and 128 GB of storage. HTC will so they say construct the minor Pixel model. Despite the fact that LG will figure out the 6-inch AMOLED XL variant. Refereeing to the photos, if existent, the final models are present accurately an implementation in a fancy design. However, it’s by no means obnoxious, also. Evidently, the models won’t take a headphone jack.

In the end, the most important issue which was with the previous pixel phone, lack of supply should be resolved. Hope for the best for the upcoming Next generation Pixel smartphone. The model will inspire very near in future as launching date is mentioned above 4th of October.

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