Global Good Governance Awards, HEC Won the Award

Global Good Governance Awards, HEC Won the Award

The Higher Education Commission (HEC) of Pakistan won the Global Good Governance (3G) Award from Cambridge IF Analytica. It is an international association based in Cambridge, UK. The award ceremony held at Dubai, UAE. The Global Good Governance awards conferred to government organisations, corporations and non-governmental organisations (NGOs). For the purpose to appreciate excellence in good governance, transparency, and social responsibility.

HEC Won the Award at Global Good Governance Awards

The Global Good Governance Awards given in four separate ways together with the corporate sector, government and politics, social sector and philanthropy. Alternatively, rising from the four nominations in each category, the winner selected with the help of global poll. As an illustration, to keep up the highest standards of honour, nominations are subject to multiple levels of independent review. By way of a selection committee consisting of prominent personalities drawn from government, industry and academia. It is the second year running where HEC bagged the award.

Proprietary Methodology “3G Methodology”

The Global Good Governance Awards based on a proprietary methodology named “3G Methodology”. The 3G Methodology has a score card known as 3G Card. It has five pillars comprising social responsibility, transparency, sustainability, impact and innovation.

Cambridge IF Analytica is financial services intelligence house which specialises in developing and utilising reliable cutting edge analytical tools. For the reason that to evaluate business data, estimate macroeconomic indicators and recognise market trends. Leadership positioning and brand development related to the improvement of the financial services industry globally.

Important to realise, The Higher Education Commission (HEC), Pakistan recognised for its accomplishments in growing access to technology-embedded higher education. As well as persistently generating a culture of innovative and beneficial research in institutions of higher learning in Pakistan. Cambridge IF Analytica gives the once-over, the HEC Vision 2025 and its inspirational goals to collectively improve the quality of higher education. To get ready an increased number of qualified and productive human capital that will make a knowledge-based economy.

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