How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth Permanently

how to to get rid of yellow teeth naturally

At the time when you find your teeth yellow, you feel surprised and want to get rid of yellow teeth immediately. But do anything hastily to get fast results because it will cause damage to teeth. So be careful before applying anything on your teeth. The best and safe method to get rid of yellow teeth is home remedies. The natural methods are always safe and protective to solve any problem. Do care for your body parts. Here are mention some natural methods to get rid of yellow teeth naturally. But first of all, you have to know the causes of the problem.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth Permanently

Causes of Yellow Teeth

These are few of the causes due to which white teeth lost their real color and adopt the yellowish color.

how to to get rid of yellow teeth naturally

• A bad oral hygiene becomes one of the leading causes of yellow teeth.
• Tobacco becomes another cause of yellow teeth. So if you are a smoker, your teeth will become yellow.
• If you are taking tea and coffee too frequently, it will come to be a cause of discoloration of teeth.
• The teeth filling turn out to be a cause of yellow teeth as its material leads to this problem.
• Another factor of Yellow teeth is red wine.
• Teeth breakage is another basis of yellow teeth.
• There are certain medications which result in discoloration of teeth.

How to Get Rid of Yellow Teeth Permanently

These are some major causes of the yellow teeth. At the moment, it needs to know what the solution to this problem is. Several unnatural solutions are in the market, like products to get rid of yellow teeth; however, the best methods are ever the natural methods to do for any problem. Here are the number of home remedies to get whiten teeth naturally. Home remedies are with side effects and easy to use. As a result of all these benefits, home remedies are safe than any sort of chemical treatment. You can do these methods easily.

1: Lemon

Because of the acid found in lemons, lemon juice is the beneficial thing to get rid of yellow teeth permanently. Rinse your teeth with lemon juice make you able to whiten teeth. Do scrubbing your teeth using a lemon peel help you to take the yellow out of your teeth? Lemon is the beneficial thing for the teeth.

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2: Baking Soda

Baking Soda commonly used in the toothpaste as a cleaner. Mix baking soda into peroxide solutions, white vinegar or lemon juice to make a perfect paste. The paste becomes a whitener for your teeth use it with the brush. You have to be careful about baking soda as it’s so sharp, so don’t use it in excess it will damage your teeth.

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3: Hydrogen Peroxide

Peroxide has mild bleaching elements inside it which help to get back your white teeth. Take mouthwash which contains Peroxide it will help you to get rid of yellow teeth. A different process is to make a paste using baking soda to prevent discoloration of the teeth.

4: Strawberries

How’d you think that strawberries will help you to whiten your teeth? Strawberries contain a number of Vitamin C in it which helps you to end of the plaque. It also comprises malice acid which makes you able to make yellow teeth white. How to get rid of yellow teeth using strawberries? Take a few strawberries, mash up and mix a pinch of salt into it. Afterwards, use the paste as toothpaste. Brush your teeth with it. Be careful while cleaning because salt can cause the damage of teeth if you brush roughly with it.

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