GE Transportation To Provide Railways 20 Locomotives


GE Transportation gets ready to provide Pakistan Railways a 20 FDL C20 EMP locomotives. The primary cause is to help the transport people as well as goods from corner to corner in the country; especially to the mountainous northern landscape. Furthermore, the locomotives will facilitate both goods in transit and passenger cargo. However, it will primarily be used for transportation in the middle of Karachi and Lahore. The work will go on through routes of Peshawar and Quetta to be added far ahead.

Khawaja Saad Rafique declared it, who is the Federal Minister of Pakistan Railways. He said, “We are on the way to variety great steps in the direction of reaching the transportation aim; such as part of the country’s Vision 2025 plan.” Furthermore, he added, “The innovation in the development of rail transportation and making improvement in regional connectivity are acute apparatuses of the government’s plan. In addition we are quite confident according to our association with GE will help to accomplish these particular aims.”

The new-fangled locomotives will be dedicated intended for oil and freight supply. To facilitate the business community within Faisalabad and Multan; by means of running a train each from these stations. The 2,000 horsepower locomotives are lighter in the weight. These beneficial locomotives are made to take betterment manoeuvrability through high gradient ways throughout the country. The AC/DC locomotives own the exclusive tractive power compulsory to function in the country’s northern most lands.

GE Transportation’s Locomotives Supply & Pakistan Railways

Pakistan Railways and GE Transportation have to keep up a prosperous connection for over and above four decades. Besides the announcement of the present time forms on that assurance to further cultivate Pakistan’s rail groundwork. “GE’s time-honored link with Pakistan Railways is a shred of evidence to our steadfastness. Besides innovation surrounded by the rail space,” elaborated Sarim Sheikh, who is the President  & CEO, of GE Pakistan.

It was in 2015 when GE and Pakistan Railways take on an agreement on behalf of 55 Evolutions Series Locomotives; 32 out of them has by this time in the country. By the same token, Pakistan Railways’ contract to obtaining these frivolous locomotives. It is the step to make future, to support the Government of Pakistan’s wish to upturn the stake of railways into transportation on or after 4% to 20% in the ensuing ten-year.

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