Folio3 Become the Partner of the Year of SuiteCommerce

Folio3 Become the Partner of the Year of SuiteCommerce

Folio3 broadcasted that it awarded the 2017 SuiteCommerce Partner of the Year Award through the Oracle-NetSuite Global Business Unit (GBU). GPU is the leading industry provider of cloud financials / ERP coupled with Omni-channel commerce software suites.

The award declared at SuiteWorld 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Folio3 honored for their outstanding achievement of having distributed the highest number of e-commerce solutions on the platform of NetSuite; in the midst of all of NetSuite’s Commerce Agency Partners.

Folio3 Becomes Partner of The Year of SuiteCommerce

They are NetSuite partner for nine years. It delivered NetSuite integrations, implementations, customizations, and e-commerce in addition to mobility solutions to over 100 customers. Such an authorised NetSuite Commerce Agency Partner and a qualified SuiteCommerce Advanced Digital Agency; Folio3 deals design, integration, implementation, and customization services to SuiteCommerce Site Builder as well as Advanced customers.

“We really proud and honoured to receive the formal credit from NetSuite. Intended for the strong partnership, we forged all over the SuiteCommerce Advanced” said CEO of Folio3, Adnan Lawai. “This award is revealing of Folio3’s position on the top SuiteCommerce partner across the world”.

Folio3 Become the Partner of the Year of SuiteCommerce

Folio3’s award winning team of tenured NetSuite authorities includes NetSuite certified program managers, developers, and ERP implementation consultants. In a way to leveraging its expertise and knowledge of implementing NetSuite’s back office and front end SuiteCommerce solutions. Furthermore, Folio3 provides NetSuite customers with unified, e-commerce solutions that not only give exceptional shopping experiences on their web stores. But these are also tailored to their brand and business as well.

Chairman of the Folio3, Umair Khan, stated “This award is a tremendous achievement for them. Using SuiteCommerce Advanced, NetSuite given a truly excellent, enterprise-class e-commerce platform that allows us to create an exceptional customer capability for our clients. And we excited to be leading the way”.

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