Fiza Shahid Interview by Suleman Jazib

fiza shahid interview

Fiza Shahid Interview

Fiza Shahid, a successful Pakistani businesswoman, born and brought up in Dubai. Completed her studies here, married to Muhammad Shahid Hussain who is her business partner as well she is a housewife, a loving mother of 2 small kids Daniyal & Afaan. She is a Self-made woman who believes that if anyone has dedication, he will always grab his goals in his life!!  Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love whatever you are doing, you will be successful. You can read Fiza Shahid interview in the following lines.

fiza shahid interview

Fiza Shahid Interview by Suleman Jazib

Our team member Suleman Jazib met Fiza Shahid to take her detailed interview, what she said in her interview, please proceed the lines below.

Fiza Shahid Interview

MMT: What has been the largest event you have had to plan as an Event Planner?

Fiza: The largest and biggest event was my very first event “Bahaar K Rang Danube ke sang.” Because it was my first experience in this field and that exhibition had given me lots of confidence and boost me to move forward with better plans

MMT: Why did you choose this profession/field?

Fiza: I chose to be an organizer because I wanted to give and to get an opportunity to work with the different people, nationalities who have different nature of businesses related to trade & fashions. Especially I want to help those, who want to get an extra source of income by promoting their products and want to support their families with these type of exhibitions.

MMT: Tell us the most challenging event you have had to plan? What made it challenging and what was the end result?

Fiza: Of course, my first event, because there were some ppl who refused to work with me and some, tried to miscommunicate that she is new in this field and she may not do good. This incident was challenging and made me more motivated, and It was like a Do or Die situation for me. By the Blessings of Allah Almighty, it was a very successful event, and my husband was also happy, and he appreciates me.

MMT: What is the future of these type of events?

Fiza: Future of this kind of events is of course brilliant only if organizers stick to Hard work, No compromise on the principals and Ethics.

MMT: What do u think should be top 3 skills for Events manager?

Fiza: An event manager should be Professional, Fair and Cooperative.

MMT: What do think is the current trend for the events?

Fiza: Now a day’s events trends are good, but some of them just want to make money and don’t concentrate on quality work, it should be more beneficial for the clients as well.

MMT: What do you think about the competition in this field?

Fiza: Competition is of course very high because many people want to be the organizer. So everyone is just trying to be the best from another, but I am not in this competition because my race is just about myself and how I can facilitate or satisfy my clients.

MMT: What are the risks factors do u face as organizer?

Fiza: Organizers risk start when they plan an event because till the event is not finished and successful they and everyone associated with it is of high Risk.

MMT: What is the most difficult part of being an organizer?

Fiza: For me, nothing is difficult with the grace of Allah, but yes you need to take care of your commitments towards your clients which are not so easy for many of us.

MMT: If you were not an organizer what would u have been instead?

Fiza: I started my career as a school teacher then I worked for a local bank here in Dubai, then I tried my luck as a fashion designer. I would have been continued any of these professions or may be something new something different.

MMT: Can you give equal time to your job and work?

Fiza: I try my best to give an equal time to my work and my family because I have a family husband, two small kids who are more before anything.

MMT: Would you suggest others to join this field?

Fiza: Yes Of course!  Why not, But please Work hard on your own. Don’t copy others because you may copy everything except their luck. Your good luck entirely depends on your hard work and efforts towards your work

MMT: What is the best part of being an Organizer?

Fiza: The Best part is when your clients are completely satisfied with you. That’s it.

MMT: What are your future plan?

Fiza: My plans are to nothing more than to keep continue myself with this kind of events with some unique concept. I love to work so; definitely, you will always hear and see me working on my projects.

MMT: What do you suggest to new comers?

Fiza: Not suggest, I would rather request them to be sincere and passionate about your work. Try to give your 100 % because people do expect a lot from us. I just wish and pray for the success of each and every one.  Ameen!

MMT: Thank you so much mam!

This is all about Fiza Shahid interview now you can see her pictures with her family and fans.

Fiza Shahid Interview Photo Gallery

fiza shahid interview fiza shahid interview

fiza shahid interview fiza shahid interview

fiza shahid interview

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