World’s First Air Conditioned Stadium has been Launched in Qatar

World’s First Air Conditioned Stadium has been Launched in Qatar

As we all know that technology is increasing day by day and the new inventions are taking place, its latest evidence is the launching of air conditioned Stadium in Qatar. To go a step ahead, Qatar has just launched the air-conditioned stadium for FIFA World Cup 202. They are just ready to Venue the FIFA World Cup 2022. His Highness Ameer Sheikh Tameem Bin Hammad Saani has officially inaugurated the Stadium. The inauguration ceremony is just held before Final of Ameer Cup.

World’s First Air Conditioned Stadium In Qatar

Qatar readied the Stadium for the FIFA World Cup before five years. The stadium was first made in 1976 for Gulf Cup, latterly in 2006, Asian games were taken place there. Now the stadium has changed totally. After the up gradation of the stadium the first game was Final of Ameer Cup; To watch the game President of FIFA and President of Asian Football Confederation and more than 40 thousand audiences were there.

In the Khalifa Stadium, the up graded with the latest technology to make less rate of temperature. By using this technology, the temperature of the ground will stand at 20 centigrades. However, the temperature of the stand will stay at 23 centigrades. Moreover, the unique technology which used in Stadium becomes the center of attention. One sports museum will be functional early in the stadium. Consequently, they are trying to make larger space for the audience.

World’s First Air Conditioned Stadium has been Launched in Qatar

Khalifa Stadium will be a first ever stadium for FIFA world Cup, in which LED lights will be used. World Cup 2022 will be played between 21st of Nov 2022 at 18th of Dec 2022. ‘Before it, People thought that cooling technology was just a fantasy. Besides now it is at Khalifa International Stadium. It is ongoing and becoming somewhat usual and deliverable. It is showcased the abilities and the quality that we have.’ Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) Secretary General, Hassan Al Thawadi, stated.

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