Upcoming Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

The film Daddy is upcoming movie drama of Bollywood and its subject based on Indian political crime. Ashim Ahluwalia is the writer and director of the movie, whereas, Arjun Rampal is also the co-writer of the film. Rampal is the star cast of the film while South Indian Actress Aishwarya Rajesh is playing the heroine role. Another cast of the movie includes Rajesh Shringarpure, Anand Ingale and Nishikant Kamat. Arjun Rampal and Rutvij Patel mutually produce the film, and Sajid Wajid gives the film’s music. On first December 2016 officials of the film released its first trailer. The movie will be going to release on 8th September 2017, so the Daddy’s team is promoting the film on different mediums.

Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

Promotional Press Conference of Film Daddy At Dubai

Film Director Ashim Ahluwalia Views of Film Daddy Release

For the purpose of the film promotion, Arjun joins the Kapil Sharma Show on 20th August 2017. Similarly, Ashim Ahluwalia, Arjun Rampal and Sunil Shah mutually hold the press conference in Dubai to promote their film Daddy. Different media groups attend their press conference. Moreover, Mirch Masala TV representatives were also the eye witness of the press conference. Miss Rubab Saher meets the team of the movie Daddy and asks about the new thing in the upcoming movie.

Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

Ashim Ahluwalia gives his views on the question asked about the uniqueness of the film story. He stated that this film based on the true story of the famous gangster of Mumbai Arun Goli. It is the first occasion in the Bollywood when a film picturized on a living gangster, and the film will release in his life. He further said that the story of film Daddy based on the life of a gangster which gives it a realistic touch. According to him, the film is very hard hitting, and they add characters like superheroes. And in this sense, the film is very different from everything that comes out before in the Bollywood.

Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

Ashim Ahluwalia Message to Pakistani Fans

In the end, he also gives a message to the Pakistani fans across the border that he would love to be seen his movie in Pakistan. Furthermore, he has a wish that both countries should watch each other films to remove their distances. In the last, he desires that there should be more love, art and films across both borders.

Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference Film Daddy Promotional Press Conference

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