Fans and Friends Give Tribute to David Bowie

David Bowie tribute

After one year of David Bowie’s shocking death, his fans bearing flowers, lipstick and glitter to pay him a tribute. A lot of flowers appeared once again at his apartment outside the New York where David Bowie spent his final years. Recalling the festive and communal scene that emerged after he passed away on January 10, 2016.

Sabrina Rosneck, a Detroit’s student who came to New York for Bowie’s anniversary. She slipped a letter into the makeshift memorial outside The Star’s Soho home. “I leave him a card every time whenever I come to New York. I feel like he understands people. And his kind of knew me despite the fact that he didn’t know me, so I only want to update him on my life and how it’s going on,” she said.

Fans and Friends Give Tribute to David Bowie

Like many other fans, Rosneck credited Bowie who continually reinvented himself in a half-century career. That spanned from glam rock to electronica to disco with supporting people accept themselves. Aurelio Ayala III, who travelled to New York from Seattle, said that learning Bowie modified his youth in Texas. The place he dyed his hair orange in his honour and didn’t look back. “He permitted me to display myself the way I wanted.” The 56 years old said on the sidewalk outside Bowie’s apartment, between the house dumpster and slushy snow.

David Bowie tribute

“Living in Texas, you are looked upon if you are a little different. I never really cared and to this day, I don’t care. Bowie died because of severe disease cancer just after two days of releasing his final album, “Blackstar.” A work of hard-driving jazz which wins glowing reviews. Columbia Lists release three added tracks from the “Blackstar” sessions in a digital EP to celebrate Bowie’s 70th birthday.

Bowie’s great producer Tony Visconti, said that he has “been through every stage of grief in the past 365 days.” Visconti, writing on Facebook, remembered that Bowie had been “so much powerful. He was more confident and bursting with creativity” when he was making the “Blackstar.”

“Our whole team, the band, the technicians and everyone who has visited us in the studio kept shooting glimpses at each other is this happening?” he recalled of the final recording sessions. “David was a true legend in his lifetime, and he will also be the legend until the end. But he was my friend too and I miss him very much.” Bowie’s fans hold concerts around the world to celebrate the anniversary. The New York show will feature Kate Pierson of The B-52s and rockers Living Colour with experts of Bowie’s band.

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