Entertainment Event of Syedaat Riyadh

Event of Syedaat Riyadh

Facebook enhances the excellent way of communication, the information we come across on FB is unique and is connected to either the darker or, the brighter side of this platform. FB does not censor or filter the information. It is in the hands of man to that if he takes a bright side or dark side. So while using things in the right way, we can get many aggregative benefits. A women group on Facebook organised a great get together. Fatima Nayyar established this group was known as ‘Umme Ibrahim’ in 2011 especially for women of Riyadh entitled as Syedaat Riyadh.

The two years old group has more than 2000 members because of love and hard work of its creator ‘Umme Ibrahim’. It provides a space where every woman can discuss and get solutions to her personal and social problems. Furthermore, this group is a platform where women should have prominent their specialities as well as their talent. Fatima Nayyar participates openly heartily in social and welfare activities.

Entertainment Event of Syedaat Riyadh

She does a lot of social work through her group as to help others financially, and to find the solution to problems, and provide people job opportunities. To bind people of Saudi Arabia within relations is another speciality of her. Syedaat group has a much wide range of information from a recipe of RasMalai to the market rates everything is available there.

Therefore a grand event was organised at local Pakistani Hotel, ‘Pak House’ in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. At this event, a large number of women including members of ‘Syedaat Riyadh’ participated. Special guest of the event was ‘Mrs. Nighat Manzoor and Mrs Irum Shafia. The later is a business lady and works for the welfare of Pakistani community of Riyadh. Wives of Pakistan Embassy’s members were also part of the grand event. In which Mrs Sumera Mehmood, Azrah Shakoor, Narjis Faisal, and Bushra Arshad were prominent.

The event started with Quran recitation, after that an exciting puppet show performed under the direction of Farah Abdullah. After that woman had been called to come on stage, they showcased their talent. Gifts are also given to the best performers. After prize ceremony, Fatima Nayyar made the event delightful. There was also a special cake made by Chanda Ali, the manager of Chanda Cake Studio. There were several other interesting things about the event that were magnificent, and the event was full of entertainment.

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