Response of Egyptian Govern Against Mosque Attack

egyptian mosque attack

No group takes the responsibility of the attack one of the fatal in Egypt’s new history; on the other hand, it bore the hallmarks of ISIS or al-Qaeda affiliates. The Egyptian military states warplanes have hit vehicles applied in a gun and bomb attack at a mosque near the Sinai Peninsula, which killed and injured hundreds.

The country’s MENA news agency said that at the minimum 235 people died and 130 injured, making it one of the deadliest attack in modern Egyptian history. The news agency reported it as a “terrorist incident,” citing “official sources.”

Egyptian Government Will Respond to The Attack on a Mosque Killed Hundreds People

There has been no quick claim of accountability on behalf of the violence. However, the multi-pronged way of the strike attack the signs of jihadi organizations affiliated among ISIS including al-Qaeda.

Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi declared on Friday to answer to the attack with “brutal strength.” Security forces said on Saturday that the military carried out air strikes in mountainous areas around the Al Rawdah mosque and hit numerous vehicles in the region regarding the attack.

Eyewitnesses reported the secretly run al-Yawm al-Sabah website that criminals had attacked the Al-Rawda mosque in the city of Bir al-Abd, and then exploded an dangerous device.

Besieged Syrians Are Consumption Trash To Survive

The three police officers cited as the place but wishing to stay anonymous: makes it clear that an off-road vehicle comes suddenly containing four men, opened fire on the people who are busy in worship in the duration of the sermon. Moreover, the AFP accounts observer and officials telling a bomb going off in the mosque and shooters stayed outside the mosque to shoot people who try to save their lives by going outside.

There is a state of emergency has been declared in the Sinai and president Sisi has been announced three days of grief on behalf of the victims of the blast.

The mosque declared to refer to the mystical Sufi school of Islam that recognized blasphemous by fanatics including ISIS including the Wahhabi school of Islam produced by nearby Saudi Arabia.

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