After Donald Trump’s Warning – China Defends Ally Pakistan

After Donald Trump's Warning - China defends ally Pakistan

China secured its friend country Pakistan just after the US President Donald Trump’s Warning, that the United States could no more be quiet!; concerning Pakistan’s “safe havens” for protesters and warned it had much to lose by ongoing “harbor terrorists.”

After Donald Trump’s Warning – China defends ally Pakistan

Hua Chunying, the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson, on the question of Donald Trump’s warning, said; it is apparent, Pakistan stays every time on the front line, to fight in contradiction of terrorism. Furthermore, the country made “great sacrifices” as well as “significant assistance” in this fight.

“We have confidence in that the international community must fully identify Pakistan’s anti-terrorism, efforts” she expressed her views to a daily news briefing. “We are glad to appreciate Pakistan and the United States act upon anti-terror teamwork on the origin of mutual respect. Moreover, they work together on behalf of security as well as solidity in the state and world.”

After Donald Trump’s Warning – China defends ally Pakistan

China and Pakistan denote the two countries that recognize each other, and likely to be called as “all-weather friends.” Furthermore, both countries have a close economic and security relations. In like manner, China has its particular security concerns throughout the region.”We have faith that the related US policies; are going to take part in the promotion of the security, strength besides development of Afghanistan in addition to the entire region,” Hua added.

Trump express his views that the United States is firm to a continue battle in Afghanistan. He was also giving the signal that he is going to dispatch more troops to America’s longest war. Moreover, it’s giving the word to win this fight surely. Further, Trump contended that others, the Afghan government, and Pakistan, India, and NATO partners. In order to, take steps up their own obligation to make a decision of the 16-year-long battle. On the other hand, he holds back his severest words aimed at Pakistan.

Senior US officials advised security support for Pakistan may possibly be abridged; if not the nuclear-armed country join forces more in stopping militants from using safe havens on the soil as mentioned above.

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