Sharjah Displaced PML(N) Members Press Conference

PML(N) Members Press Conference
In Sharjah, various PML (N) displaced members, Engineer Ahsan Ullah, Abdul Waheed Paal, and Shehzad Malik held a press conference. Presently designated member Sohail Aamir Ghumman, Advocate Jaan Qadir Ikhlaq Ahmed, G M Gondal and league leaders Rana Muhammad Iqbal, Malik Muhammad Azeem, Muhammad Shehzad Butt, Irfan Iqbal Toor were also present in the conference.
During the Press Conference, PML (N)’s displaced members, Engineer Ahsan Ullah, Abdul Waheed Paal, and Shehzad Malik said that it is an act of vengeance to displace us from our designations.
We have been slaughtered on personal matters of some people after following an unconstitutional method, in the session of PML (N) UAE. Engineer Ahsan Ullah Khan, Abdul Waheed Paal and Shehzad Malik said that it is a rule to convene Executive Council meeting, and must send a show cause notice to members before any action. Displacing members is an un-legislated act which has done in PML (N) UAE meeting to displace PML (N) President in Dubai and General Secretary Sharjah.
PML(N) Members Press Conference

Press Conference by Displaced PMLN Members

Above members said that now hastily break all PML (N) of UAE and establish a good organizing committee which makes possible fair intra-party elections within Gulf countries especially in UAE. And this committee will give organization responsibilities to the winning persons.
Engineer Ahsan Ullah Khan, Abdul Waheed Paul and Shehzad Malik said that how 10 or 12 persons sitting in a session have authority to displace any person. Overseas Pakistanis and United Forum’s member loses in Sharjah Center who is Vice-President of PML (N), and now he has been promoted to the designation of President of PML (N) Dubai.  Giving harm to PML (N) for personal benefits of some people.
We reject all decisions which have been taken place in the session of PML (N) UAE. “
Present party members said that they have complete Integration with displaced party members and reject the decision take place without a session of Executive Council.  If Muslim League members are dissatisfied and they need fair elections then, Party Elections should be held in UAE. Then they would choose their leaders and leadership with their will.
They Said that this is not a legislated act to displace someone from its designation and nor it is in the party constitution.  PML (N)’s leader Nawaz Sharif, General Secretary and party leadership should break up organizations of PML (N) in UAE and give ordinance for new elections.”
All members who attend this press conference said that Waheed Paul is President now and we accept him a President of PML (N) in Dubai.

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