Digital Youth Summit 2017 With Innovations

Digital Youth Summit 2017

More often than not, people are in search of the exorbitant conference in the hope to enlarge your professional network in addition to get feedback on your ideas regarding business. Sometimes, your hopes fell down on earth whenever you walk in. At the Digital Youth Summit 2017 understand your concerns, aspirations and frustrations. That’s why the 2017 edition doesn’t turn around a singular theme. There are panel discussions and workshops on or after topics as dissimilar as government innovation to future trends in mobile apps.

Digital Youth Summit 2017 With Innovations

  1. Digital Youth Summit 2017 Motivate Your Mind

No matter what you are? From where you belong. You can be a student, an aspiring entrepreneur, or a freelancer. Here is a lot of you and everyone at DYS. This the Summit which began a journey to you. It starts a discussion on incubators in Pakistan. On the other hands, It also talks about jobs for the future, social enterprise and potential of e-commerce.

  1. Digital Youth Summit 2017 Networking Abundant

More than a few International and some local speakers will be present there, at DYS, for the entirety of the conference. That’s why there are several opportunities for you to meet them in the flesh. You can ask questions, and take benefit from their experience. There is also a startup expo for you, to provide you with a chance to see what new companies are building. And make you aware of taking the next step to start something of your own.

  1. Digital Youth Summit 2017 Workshops

Here is an opportunity to learn real skills besides uncover practical steps to improve the career. There are three rooms at DYS out-and-out to workshops. The participants can pick up insights on digital marketing, freelancing, SEO, and developer tools. Here is a lot of your interest no dull moments will come in during the conference.

  1. Digital Youth Summit 2017 Cash Prize

The final event at DYS 2017 is a startup pitch competition where young companies from Pakistan will have the opportunity to contest for cash prizes of up to $5,000.

  1. Digital Youth Summit 2017 is Cut-rate!

Conference tickets price is only Rs 500 for one day. And it will go up to Rs. 1,200 if you want to attend all three days. There are lunch and hi-tea included.

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